What Love Looks Like, Volume 2

I hate to talk on the phone. I make a phone call only when there is no way around it, which means about twice a week. The answering machine broke weeks ago. I was distressed about it for about as long as it took me to realize that if people couldn’t leave a message, I need never call them back. In other words, about 4.2 seconds.

As some of you know, my 17 year old cat became ill toward the end of last week and had to be rushed to the vet. She was born around the time my husband and I got married, and she was our first baby. If you’ve ever been owned by a pet, you know that there are times where you pull out all the stops, and this was one.

On my way home from dropping her off at the vet’s, I bought this, just in case the vet called while I was dropping off a kid or picking one up:

Those are hearts. Thanks for asking.

And I figured out how to use hook it up and use it, too. Because I know that was your next question. I’m even brushing up on my Spanish in the process. All in the name of love.

Don’t forget! Today is the last name to suggest names for the baby tortoises on this post.


26 thoughts on “What Love Looks Like, Volume 2

  1. I ditched my land-line and answering machine years ago. I kept meaning to do it, but for some reason I was so scared that getting rid of the land-line would prove to distress me. It’s been 5 years and I have never missed it, or that pesky red light flashing messages! Anyone I really wanted to talk to knew my cell phone number and I don’t miss anyone else. My youngest child doesn’t even remember us having a land-line! Fingers crossed for your kitty, I can relate!!

  2. Aw, hope your cat pulls through! I was reunited with my cats last night after getting home from vacation and I swear, there’s nothing better than being reunited with your pet (I guess maybe your child, but I wouldn’t know about that).

  3. Do you know the sexes? If not I vote Harry and Sally. If both turn out to be boys he can be Sally like the ball player instead of the Sally from the movie lol.

  4. I’m very, very sorry to hear about your cat, and I know just what you are going through, having been through the same myself. Phones, voice mail and answering machines? If they all instantly vanished, I’d never miss them. During the last 12 years or so, there has been a lot of illness and tragedy for both my side of the family and also my wife’s side of the family. My father’s illness is currently terminal and still ongoing, and it has gotten to the point that anytime the phone rings at home, I am instantly filled with dread. The calls that come around 2 a.m. are the worst…

    Sorry to get so dark, but just like the phone ringing, thinking about the subject brings up all those feelings as automatically as a knee jerk reaction. But I also know that most people go through the same or much worse.

    Now if my PC and laptop instantly vanished, I’d be heartbroken! Lol 🙂

  5. I am so sorry for your kitty. I don’t think I read a single blog post last week (sick kid) so I hadn’t heard your news. Is she doing okay? Our first baby was a cat as well, who decided to own my husband despite that at the time he didn’t like cats. She lived to a ripe old age of 18 but it was brutal to lose her.

    I avoid talking on the phone like the plague. Actually I sometimes would prefer the plague. Every time the phone rings, I jump like someone’s trying to shoot me.

  6. I learned to love the phone a very long time ago. The more time I spend on the phone the less I spend on airplanes flying to my clients. I will talk to them all day long on the phone if I can do it in a tee shirt and yoga pants!

    Hope you kitty is hope soon and healthy.

  7. Aw, my best to your wise ole’ kitty. Won’t be offering any names for the turtles (nilch on the creative juices this week…sick kiddo), but look forward to hearing about the winners. And reading that your cat made it through the hard times okay. *crossing fingers*

  8. I swear I wouldn’t have a phone if I didn’t need one once in a while. I have always hated talking on the phone. Fortunately, keeping my friend count low keeps the calls low as well… 😉

  9. Right there with you–I’m waiting for any of the phone companies to come out with a text-ONLY plan! 😉

  10. I hope your kitty gets better, I know what it’s like to be in your position, I was in your position last year with my beloved Bandit. We ended up having to put him to sleep due to his health problems & I still miss him every day.

  11. Me too! I’ve been known to run into the other room (away from the phone) when it rings so that I can say “somebody get the phone!”

    Must be a sign of superior intelligence. Or, you know, a crippling phobia.

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