Nearly Wordless Wednesday: What Happens When You Don’t Listen


Your kid paints your toenail burgundy.

Not my huge, hairy hobbit foot. No, really. This is my husband’s foot. All my toenails match. In fact, they match his. That was my polish she used.


Runners kill toenails. Usually their own. And sometimes they try to hide the dead nail fact with pretty pink nail polish. The Princess of Darkness observed her dad’s icky nail with an artist’s eye. Let the record show, she did say “Dad, that pink polish isn’t working. Can I repaint it with burgundy?”

And let the record show, he said “Mmmm-hmmm….” Maybe I should strike from the record that he was reading the news after work on the internet. Anyhoo, thirty minutes later, he looked down at his toe. And maybe screamed a little. But not in a girly way. In a “how am I going to wear Chacos in public, and do we have any polish remover?” kind of way.

Maybe he has learned to listen more carefully before he agrees to anything. Or maybe he’s just going to pretend he has boo-boo until the paint chips off.


***I’m making a list of my favorite names for voting. Coming soon.


19 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: What Happens When You Don’t Listen

  1. I say you get your daughter to go at his nails with the entire color palette. After all, it looks like there’s a pretty small window of opportunity here.

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