And Here Are the Finalists

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. I have narrowed it down to five pairs of names. It has taken me some time to do the whole narrowing-down thing because there were some really awesome names to choose from. Thanks to everyone who put on their thinking caps to help me out with this.

And here’s the fun part. The vote! Which is awesome! Unless you’re Squish and you’ve been taken by your parents to do their civic duty (haha! Sounds like “doody!”), but instead of going to vote, you think you’re “going to a boat.” The you’ll just be disappointed. No boats here, just votes. So get to it!

You have one week. Voting closes next Friday. By magic. Or by Polldaddy. The winner gets an 8X10 photograph of tortoise hatchling. And maybe something else, if I can get the little poots to cooperate.

*** exceedingly cool twist of fate***  In the event that “Airmail and Moonpie” are selected, then everyone who submitted a name will be entered in the drawing, as those names were originally offered by Squish, and he has no interest in photos. And I really want to give something away.

Who am I? Tiny little identity crisis here. Name me?


The more votes, the better! So share the post with your friends. And your enemies, if you want. We’re supposed to love our enemies, after all, and nothing says love like the privilege of voting. And earning equal wage, but that’s neither here nor there.

***additional really cool twist of fate***If the post gets over 1000 views, I’ll send a photo out to TWO people!


21 thoughts on “And Here Are the Finalists

  1. What the….hold the phone!!! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh….I can not believe it. I am totally going to be campaigning. I’ve got so much to do. The speech writers, the campaign manager, a group of volunteers to pass out brochures, answer phones etc. I need to make a list. Geez I hope some of my pant suits still fit. I’m so excited.

  2. Squish must win. Or you will be paying for years of therapy. That was the result of our refusing to name our dog “Gasper” — yes, with a “G”. Our son has never forgiven us. He has been in therapy for 14 years…

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