Because I Am Me

I am a day late. What can I say? I was having a rockin’ weekend with my brother-and-sister-in-law and our fabulous niece, and I simply won’t apologize. Besides, if I was on time, how would you know it was me? So here you go. Happy Father’s Day! This post might get a little mushy, so bear with me. I’ll be returning to my stoic self and hit myself in the head with a hammer when the moment passes.

A dad is:

the guy who follows the Rottweiler around the yard all afternoon and waits for said dog to poop out the ribbon it removed from girl-child’s lovey.

the guy who gives his kid his own ice cream cone and pretends he never actually wanted it in the first place. ***

the guy who attends a tea party with his sons and demonstrates the proper “pinkie out” position with his lemonade. Because there is fresh gingerbread involved, of course.

And pinkie out, boys! Husband asked that I not show his expression in this one because it’s a little too Downton Abbey. Squish insisted that we have a tea party to christen his new table. Mostly for the gingerbread.


the guy who takes an entire week of vacation to spend with his kids because he realizes his teenage daughter may not want to hang out with him for very much longer.

the guy who gets peed/pooped/puked on while carrying his toddler on his shoulders. And continues to carry him anyway because the little guy is tired.

the guy who spends the night freezing half to death at a Boy Scout camp out because his son wanted to go. And tells the kid about the great time he had.

the guy who talks for the dog. And refers to himself as “Daddy” when he does so.

the guy who offers to let his daughter get a tarantula if that’s what she really wanted, though he is deathly afraid of them.

the guy who took the late shift with newborns. Every single time.

the guy who was willing to share the real facts of life with his kid.


Happy Father’s day, babe. Thanks for being that guy.


*** Moms have slightly different standards, kid, so put down the Moon Pie and back away slowly. Mommy doesn’t share her food, Pumpkin.


20 thoughts on “Because I Am Me

  1. This was not a total break from your typical post — this was hilarious. I love your husband and I don’t even know him! And not just because I obsess over Downton Abbey either.

  2. Just an FYI…clicking on, and opening up the photo by itself shows the ENTIRE photo, Downton Abbey face and all. Feel free to not display this comment, I just wanted to let you know that the whole thing is visible!

  3. The sexiest my husband ever looked was carrying my crashed-out daughter to bed after she pee’d on him. Sounds like you have one sexy husband on your hands. Don’t ever let him go.

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