PSA For the Day: Words. Choose Carefully.

When giving instructions to girl-child, I was trying to say “If your brother wants a hot dog for lunch…”

It came out “If your brother wants a dog for Christmas.” Which would have been perfectly acceptable (except to my husband, who doesn’t want another dog, period), neither funny nor disturbing , if I hadn’t followed up with “poke some holes in it with a fork and stick it in the microwave for about a minute.”

And now Phoebe looks at me like this:

A FORK? What the heck, Mom? I thought we were cool!

I can’t take it back. The damage is done, the trust is broken. She is now waiting for me to stick her with a fork, nuke her, and serve her up on a bun.With mustard.  Choose your words carefully, friends..

***disclaimer – Phoebe is not cowed in this photo. She is contemplating how best to remove her squeak toy from my hand without a tedious tug of war. No Phoebes were intimidated in the creation of this blog.


Update: My daughter experienced the devastating power of words today. She may never be the same. Six little words nearly ruined her life. Just six little words.  “You look just like your mother.” We’re helping her pick up the pieces.


37 thoughts on “PSA For the Day: Words. Choose Carefully.

  1. I love how “want a hot dog for lunch” came out as “wants a dog for Christmas”…just goes to show again the mysterious, slightly twisted, bizarre thoughts that go through a mothers mind in the midst of normal activities like cooking lunch. 🙂

  2. This one made me laugh because I have done the same sort of thing. Multi-tasking leads to some comical sayings. On a side note, what kind of dog is Phoebe? I have a dog very similar looking and I have no idea what breed he is.

  3. Loved your humor here, on the consequences of selective hearing! 🙂 Photo of Phoebe is great, and it’s wonderful to know that you didn’t really stab her with a fork and then doom her to a horrible death in your microwave, because I would have become very disillusioned in you!

    Your daughter would do very well to BE just like her mother, as well as look like her too, and someday she will realize this is true. Besides, isn’t that a family tradition anyway? Since you are also on a journey to become your mother, just like it says at the top of your blog. 🙂

  4. i think phoebe is the real star here nuff said 🙂 i am also emotionally attuned to girl child; spent all my life developing my own -i thought unique- look yet now i every time i pass a mirror i see my mam, i have covered all mirrors in my house, have a super fab day 🙂 xx

  5. My mom has a full head of white hair and a good amount of wrinkles and when she hears a song she likes she does a little duck dance. She joint Pinterest and started following ONE of my boards. A very random board. Not me, just my random board. Not the Family or Love board either. People say I’m like her. I want to stab them.

  6. lol this reminds me of the time my sisters and I were sitting at the dinner table why my mom was offering up a prayer for my dad’s safe travel during a business trip. She was right in the middle of the prayer and suddenly spouted: “And we have soft tacos too! Let me get the tortillas out of the oven” The wonderful memories of childhood lol

  7. Its not so bad too look like your mom. I look like my mommy quite a bit, we get comments all the time. I think she is brilliant, strong and generally amazing. I would love to be half the woman she is. So why not! I know I am my own person but I was shaped by her, it is bound to happen that we will have things in common 🙂

  8. Great post. Please tell your dog that she is lucky that you didn’t try to cool her off by sticking her in the freezer, like one denizen of the DC area did (as far as I know, he was not a member of Congress, but the reports are confusing).

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