I Said the “P” Word.

I’ve done it before, and I didn’t learn the lesson. So I did it again. I prayed for patience. I need to learn it. I’d like to not be thrown off-course by life’s curve balls. I want to be a better person. I’m pretty sure this is why my life looks like a country song.

Two weeks ago, we got a letter from our homeowner’s insurance company saying they were going to cancel us if we don’t put on a new roof. We hired a roofer, but they can’t come until close to the deadline, and we’ve got rain in the forecast for this week. Patience.

Last Sunday, a tree came down on a power line up the road. The resultant power surges blew several lightbulbs and may have played Grim Reaper for our refrigerator. Lots of fun dilemmas. Patience.

Monday, I went to purchase the new refrigerator. Patience.

Over the following few days, we lost power in storms several times. No big deal. All of our food is in coolers already. Patience.

Thursday night, a tree fell on the line at the top of the driveway, and it took eight hot, muggy hours to get power restored. Patience.

Friday morning, we noticed the power company had not actually removed the tree when they restored power. And the tree was smoking. SMOKING!  Patience.

Four hours later, power was lost again. It’s not nearly as hot today as it has been. Patience.

I call the power company and beg them to turn the power off until someone can get it fixed. Patience. And fire extinguishers.

Six hours later, the tree finally burst into flames. We couldn’t take a hose to it because the tree was electrified by the power line. The power company representative said “We’ll send someone.” Patience. Is there a liquor called “patience?” Please say yes.

Two hours and two explosions later (not kidding. Big booms, large flashes of light, at least one pair of soiled underwear. Not saying whose.), a utilities truck pulls up. It takes him a further two hours to remove the tree (breaking our solar light in the process) and restore power because two transformers have blown. I wonder how much damage would have been done if they had just turned off the power to begin with.  Patience. Patience translates in Aramaic as “beating ones fists on ones chest and screaming ‘What the heck?!’ to the heavens while weeping like a baby.”

Sunday afternoon, the phone went out. The tree that took out the power line finally killed the phone, as well. Patience. Even though I have an important phone call to make. And no one I know is actually online to make the call for me.

Monday morning, I tried to get in touch with the phone company via email. Guess what? Can’t. Not unless you have a pass code. Which takes one business day to mail, so the earliest I’ll get it is Tuesday. Or they can  give me the code over the phone. Which is, of course, no longer working. Patience. Maybe they can just send it by psychic vibrations and call it a day.

Monday afternoon my husband emails to tell me that he got in touch with the phone company. They can’t tell us when they’ll get the line repaired (oh, I love secrets!), but they think it will by Friday. Patience. Even though the roofer is supposed to call the day before the crew arrives to make the arrangements.


I am determined to get the hang of this patience thing this time around. I’m not sure how much more learning up I can take on the matter.


59 thoughts on “I Said the “P” Word.

  1. [huggy emoticon guys]

    I am so sorry this poop sandwich buffet has been put on your table. ❤

    If I can do anything, let me know?

    Also, when you have power, you can make calls through gmail, as long as they're in the US or toll-free, you don't have to pay for anything (or input CC information!).

  2. Extraordinary! strangely enough I have had similar encounters with the phone company which makes you wonder if anyone is behind the wheel. this too shall pass. Notice I didn’t say be patient. Marie

  3. Not your week, is it? I actually admire your sense of humour in this whole misery. And of course I am grateful that nothing important was damaged. Other than a pair of undies. And your sanity.

    I won’t say “Try to see the positive side” but I sure enjoy your fun posts. Hope everything will work out in the end!

  4. Don’t you just love it when those little “tests” keep getting thrown at you? I’ve gotten to the point where I had to throw my hands up in the air, say thats it I quit and walk away..lol.. so if you ever learn the patience thing, lemme know okay? I really need to learn it.

  5. Stop it!

    Un-pray it, NOW!

    I NEVER pray for patience, and you just confirmed my theory as to why I do not.

    Truth is always more ‘exciting’ and angry eye-brow producing than fiction.

  6. So I guess I shouldnt complain to you about the annoying rain we encountered while driving through Knoxville for 45 minutes last week? Seriously, though, you are a far better woman than I’ll ever be for even remembering the concept of patience exists through all that’s been thrown your way. Thinking of you and praying that you get a reprieve soon. Oh, and I’ll google “patience liquor” for you. It’s just got to exist.

  7. I believe in my dictionary patience is spelled v-o-d-k-a and it usually involves a few ounces of Cranberry juice. Which coincidentally help other things slide out easily so in the end we feel better. My kind of patience definitely works.

  8. You know, I think you should be grateful that the tree gradually caught fire. You don’t want fire sneaking up. You want fire saying “hey, I’m fixin’ to burn some stuff”.

    Apparently fire is a little bit country.

  9. Our house caught fire a couple years ago from a tree falling on a power line connected to our house. The fire department was there within a couple minutes, then stood around watching the fire, containing what they could. “We can’t do anything until the power is cut. The power company has to do that. They should be here in about half an hour.”

    Sorry for your week.

    • That is incredibly painful. And it was my own thought. The person on the phone told me to call 911 if I had to, but I couldn’t imagine them actually being able to do anything about it with the power still on.

  10. I’m stunned. This is too much to happen to one family. But you amaze me – you’re writing about these series of catastrophes. I couldn’t do that. I’d be under the covers or in a bathtub filled with ice cubes. And I’d be drinking a lot. Things will get better, they will. And all of this is teaching you patience. All Shall be Well, And All Shall be Well, And All Manner of Thing Shall be Well. (Mother Julian of Norwich)

    • We no longer have ice cubes in the bathtub. Because we got to move our food into the new fridge! I didn’t mention that the cooler leaked, so we had to keep it in the bathroom. We had to lose the food-in-the-bathroom aversion.

  11. I agree — too much happening to one family at once. I’m so sorry for your bad week. I am not by any means a patient person. Well, I’m patient with people. Not with the whole life throwing your curve balls thing though.

    This too shall pass if you drink enough.

  12. I’m sorry — this sounds like an awful, awful week. Well, more than a week. I hope things get better soon.

    You might want to ask the phone company if they can forward your calls to your cell phone until your landline gets fixed. I did that the last time my phone went out.

  13. I am soooooo sorry. That is crazy. I hope I never accidentally say that prayer. I was actually getting on here tonight to ask you a turtle question, but I think you have some much more important things to deal with…maybe next week. 😉

  14. This post speaks to me. I am always working on my patience. (I am just not. By now you’d think I would just accept it.) You are due for some luck…maybe buy a lottery ticket. 🙂

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