Nearly Wordless Wednesday: I Hope That Wasn’t Important

So yay! The new refrigerator is here. I wasn’t the one home when it was delivered and hooked up, so I didn’t get a good look at things until later. Here’s what I found this morning.

It looks so sad in there. Trapped. Forever.

Whatever it is, it’s wedged behind the crisper drawer. I was hoping it would drop into the drawer underneath. It will not.

Like the Ice Man of Switzerland, I do not know how it got there, or where it was going, but it will be preserved forever in its frosty grave. We have a narrow kitchen, and the fridge nestled against a wall. It is physically impossible to open the door wide enough to pull the drawer out without moving the refrigerator into the living room. And I’m not gonna.

So here’s hoping that this mystery item isn’t actually important. Husband hasn’t noticed it yet. I guess I’ll find out in a few hours if he actually reads my blog.

43 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: I Hope That Wasn’t Important

  1. Hee, it won’t fall – I can see the zip tie from here! I’d like to come up with something witty, but I’m pretty sure rejoicefortheday is right. Unless she’s wrong, and it’s poisoning everything in your fridge before you can even use it. O.o

  2. I’m thinking water dispenser, as well…or part of an ice maker (same theory). Opening the drawer the whole way is overrated. Every time I do that, I end up letting the big door shut on it anyway, and it makes the equivalent sound to plastic crying. Not worth the drama. 😉

  3. Someone lost their hemorrhoid pillow. What a shame. I misplace things all the time, too. However, it could have been intentional. I bet a nice cold hemorrhoid pillow feels kind of good on the pink, swollen part. Eww.

  4. Speaking as a kitchen appliances wildlife enthusiast, I would identify this object as a lesser-spotted fridge snake, coiled up defensively, no doubt scared and disorientated by its recent change of habitat. Give it a few weeks and it’ll start slithering around like it owns the place.

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