What A Week Of ZooCamp Looks Like

Pretty much this:

Shhh! Actually, that’s not necessary. I could drop a silverware tray by his head and he wouldn’t notice.


I feel much the same way, so today’s post is a bit on the short side.

Sunday is my one year blogoversary here on WordPress. Yippee and stuff. I’ll post later this weekend about all  the fun we’ll be having over here, like a nifty giveaway. A couple of the giveaway items will be mathoms, some will be as-yet-to-be-created items that will be super cool.

If you don’t actually know what a mathom is (and spell-check clearly does not), then you are missing out on the fun read-along over at my friend sj’s blog. Come and join us for a good read, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


13 thoughts on “What A Week Of ZooCamp Looks Like

  1. I love when the babes sleep. They look so much sweeter and cuter than when they’re running high-speed through the house and ripping shades off the windows to emulate Elmo’s World. I am, of course, just speaking hypothetically.

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