Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts

Or something like that. Well, today is it. My big day. My one year blogoversary here on WordPress. I was expecting a parade in my honor, but only one car has been by so far. It was either a very short parade, or it was the guy who delivers the paper. Oh, well. Maybe next year.

It has been an exciting trip around the sun. We’ve had our fun, and we’ve done some good together. Several months ago, I shared about a school in Madagascar that needed furniture for the kids, and you guys came through in a big way. Not only did the kids get (locally made) desks and chairs, there was enough money left over to purchase solar panels (also made in Madagascar) because the village has only generators to produce power and must shut the electricity off in the afternoon. I’ll have pictures of the desk later in the week. In the meantime, I’ll share this photo:

Baby radiated tortoises. Ages from left to right: four months, nine months, thirteen months. Look how the shell pattern develops. The one in the middle is my favorite! Shh! Don’t tell!

Anyway, in the fine tradition of Hobbits (you knew I was a geek, so quit rolling your eyes at me, little missie/mister!), I want to give away some stuff. I don’t have all of the items I’ll be giving away in my hot little hands yet, so stay tuned, but I can show you one if you promise not to tell. Oh, who am I kidding? Tell everyone you know!

That’s right. At least one of the items I will be giving away is original art created by a tortoise. And there are some bookmarks that were created by Red Footed tortoise and the girl-child, a truly unbeatable team. And there’s some other stuff. I’ll have more details on the goodies later in the week, so stay tuned.

Here’s how you win. Find your favorite post here on my blog and share it, and then tell me in the comment section on this post that you did, along with the link to where you shared on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or wherever you crazy kids share your toys these days. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite posts over the next week, too. There are some you may have missed! *gasp*

I’ll randomly choose some lucky winners in two weeks. You can enter up to three times, a different post for each entry. Questions? Ask away!

**UPDATE*** Look what we have here! Furniture!

Look at the picture that I just found in my email! DESKS! In the village of Antsakoamasy

24 thoughts on “Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts

  1. Congratulations on a year of fabuloso writing! I shared my fav on tweetery Twitter. I’m not sure how to link it here but I tweeted it to you. Did you hear me? Is that how Twitter works…I yell something and you hear it somehow?

    • I am pretty sure that’s how it works. Or you think really hard and the vibes transmit psychically. Or you can click “details” under your tweet, and it will give you the direct link. Don’t ask me how long it took me to figure that last one out because I am not telling. Here’s the link I found for you.

  2. Happy 1st Birthday! We look forward to the highlights of the year in your view. In the relatively short time we’ve been with you, we’ve had so many laughs – thank you for sharing your fun, chaotic and never dull times with us.

    • All right. Seeing how you have few entrants for your anniversary giveaway, and I think this is a GREAT idea (might have to steal when my one year comes up) – I’ve shared your post on my FB page. Your Comprehensive Guide to Passive Aggression Volume II. However, I’m not sure how to let you know I’ve shared it, without telling your thousands of minions my full name…

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