Learning Lessons

Over my last year of blogging, I have learned a great deal about keeping commitments, staying focused, polishing conclusions.  I’ve learned some other things that have nothing to do with blogging. For example, I now know that the most effective way to kill dandelions on the lawn is to will them to live.

Tortoises love dandelion greens, so each week I collect them to take to my favorite shelled friends at the zoo. I cared for those weeds like they were my own children, except I let them stay up later. Where once dandelions with large, lush leaves abounded, I now have sickly little plants with scrawny, pale leaves. It’s so very sad. But my heartbreak may be the joy of other gardeners, so if those prolific plants are the bane of your existence, don’t waste money on costly and potentially dangerous chemicals. Just talk to the weeds and tell them that you have a purpose for their lives. I can almost guarantee that they will shrivel where they are and refuse to develop to their full potential. Here’s what else I’ve learned. Weeds are basically teenagers.

Now it’s time for you to learn something about me! Here’s an older post that shares about my career aspirations.

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28 thoughts on “Learning Lessons

  1. I might have to try that because I kill pretty much all plants except weeds. Right now my yard looks like a field of burnt hay, yet I can see one perfect dandelion waving in the breeze.

  2. This is the probably the weirdest and coolest thing I’ve heard/read in a while. Thanks for this! By the way, does it only work on weeds/dandelions or with other plants as well?

  3. At our house, we like to fertilize the grass as recommended…..ensuring that it will never rain again….so we can listen to the audible cries of our lawn as it burns to death. Ouch. I seem to be in a bit of a dark place this lovely Monday. Excuse my mood, please… 🙂

  4. Dandelion tea is very good for arthritis evidently.. so your tortoises must be very agile!.. your dandelions will come back in the spring.. be patient little grasshopper.. c

    • We once lived in a house whose former owners hired a lawn service. Which was laughable because the yard was10X20, so we let the service lapse. It took about a year for it to turn to a bermuda grass mudpit.

  5. We scour the neighborhood each spring looking for dandelions in lawns that haven’t been weed-treated. Know what we do with them?
    Make BEER.
    We get weird looks, but that’s not really unusual.

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