Who Do I Want To Be?

It’s raining. Of course it is. Today’s the day the roofers were supposed to come. Yeah, I know. They were supposed to be here awhile ago. We need a new roof or our new home owners’ insurance company is going to drop us. The week the roofers were supposed to be here, the drought broke. It rained for two weeks straight. I did manage to get the insurance company to offer us an extension, but have no doubt, if anything happens to our roof before the work is completed, they’ll expect us to pay for it. We want this roof done pronto.

Wantin’ ain’t gettin’. After the rain finally let up, the roofing company had to catch up on all the jobs in the queue before us. We understood. The supplies were delivered last Wednesday, and the job was set for Thursday. And no one showed up. Turns out, two guys on the previous job went down with the heat, and it took them longer to finish. We totally understood. Then Friday, the forecast called for a 70% chance of rain. They can’t open a roof with odds like that. We understood. Then Monday came. No show. I called the company. I got a call back from the owner who was very apologetic. The workmen picked up the wrong work-order on the way out the door. It happens. So today was the day. No matter what.

It’s raining. And I have quit caring. Well, that’s not quite true. There’s still an underlying anxiety that probably won’t go away until the last shingle is nailed and the new gutters are ready for a deluge. But what can I do about it the situation? Not a thing. So I’m not going to lose my cupcakes over it. I’m learning to let things slide. Because guess what?

Squish has one running hug in the morning for the first person who can catch him. Today it was me.

I found a new favorite cereal on sale for half price.

I’ve lost a bit of weight. No idea how much because I refuse to own a scale, but I’m feeling pretty good about my progress.

A new baby tortoise hatched at the Zoo.

Look at that little face!

I had ZooCamp last week with an incredible group of special needs kids, and it was the best camp yet. There were some astounding break-throughs with some campers that brought the lot of us to joyful tears.

I’m going for a walk this morning with one of the coolest people on the planet who totally gets me. And likes me anyway.

I cannot grow an edible tomato to save my life, but my friends can.  And they are keeping me well-supplied with the most delicious fruit God ever created. I made chili last night with homegrown tomatoes, and it was the best I’ve ever eaten.

My new computer makes adorable little noises when I fire up certain apps. It’s like living with R2D2.

Tickets to see the Indigo Girls. Need I say more?

Squish gets confused between the words “cabbage” and “garbage.” At least that’s what I’m telling myself since he announced at dinner that “This is garbage. I do not like to eat garbage.” Maybe it’s not the word that confuses him. It could be the aroma.

The book I am writing is beginning to take real shape. I’m pleased with the story I have to tell.

Summer is almost over, and I am sad! I have had such a great time with my kids that I’m not ready to send them back to school.

What’s great in your world?

A Bedouin I am not, but I did enjoy this little trip!

*** Note to any extra-terrestrial being searching for intelligent life, it cannot be found at this address. In case you need proof of that statement, we once bought a Nickelback CD. Check next door. Feel free to land your alien craft over there. If you lose control of your landing gear on the way down, it’s no biggie. They’ve got good insurance. Or stop back by next week. Our roof should be finished by then.


23 thoughts on “Who Do I Want To Be?

  1. Glad to hear about all of the great things in your life that are better than your roofers not coming. 🙂
    Cannot wait to see what how the book you’re writing shapes up in the end! Love reading your stuff.

  2. Sounds like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ with some real bits thrown in. Summer holidays ending is always a real bummer but you used them well. Hope the roof is done in time for Christmas 😉

  3. Hmm…Nickelback CDs to fight off aliens…I like it!
    Hope your roof gets sorted, and sounds like you’ve got a lot of good stuff going on till then.
    And Congrats on the Squish hug! big win!

  4. It rained here almost all day yesterday. I sat on the porch with my TARDIS full of coffee and just grinned while I watched it pour. We haven’t had a good long rain like that in a very long time. It was the first day since at least may that it wasn’t unbelievably hot.

    It was a good day.

  5. Dammit all to hell with the weather. But I would love to have some rain over here in my brownish world. Maybe we can swap weather?

    Indigo Girls? Lucky you! Enjoy!

    • I felt like it for awhile, but it’s just not worth it. To their credit, on the days they haven’t been here, I have seen no roofers working (which says a great deal because people are still recovering from severe storm damage, and there are a lot of roofs to be done).

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