LOOK! Pictures of Prizes!

So my one year blogoversary giveaway ends on Tuesday, and entries are still kind of low, so your chances are excellent.  There will be at least three winners, and possibly five, depending on the number of entries. Here’s what you are entering to win.

This one was created by the baby Radiated tortoise.

Art by none other than Severus Snake

The bookmarks were created by Rigger Tortoise, a red-footed tortoise

The art isn’t in its completed format if I can find mattes for them. A picture of the artist of each piece will be included, as well.

Here’s the fun part. If I get 50 entries, there will be a grand prize winner. That winner will get to choose the color scheme and the animal and have a custom piece created just for them.

Tuesday is fast approaching. Get to entering! Visit here for the rules and the entries. Remember, you can enter up to three times. Good luck!

A penny for your thoughts! And by penny, I mean a warm-fuzzy in your heart.

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