Nearly Wordless Wednesday: What Cats Think of Roofers

Apparently cats do not hold roofers in high regard. At least the cats who can hear.

She has abandoned the prime real estate on the back of the couch upstairs in favor of a tiny space under a Duplo table next to a Tonka truck. comfy, no? Um, no.

Poor kitty! Please excuse the ugly furniture. We have two old and incontinent cats, so we are holding off on buying anything new for a bit.


16 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: What Cats Think of Roofers

  1. We’d suggest you make do with what you’ve got as long as it’s comfy. You’ll only end up with more cats and dogs and they can ruin everything. We just have throws we cover our sofas with – much easier than screaming when the next set of claw sharpening or digging to Australia starts!

  2. Around my house, we call it “stranger danger mode”. One of mine completely freaks out when anyone so much as knocks on the door. If I actually let them in, he will make a beeline for the top of the kitchen cabinets or behind the fridge. Oh and he gets there by doing to the old army commando crawl across the floor – like no one can see him. Cats are hilarious.

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