Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Wizard of Awwwws

Shhh! Ah, who am I kidding? You could march a drum corps over his head, and he still wouldn’t wake up.

Look at that! No words at all this time! Oh, wait…

.Wish me luck, friends. I start a new part-time job tomorrow. Who’s excited? I AM!


15 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Wizard of Awwwws

  1. The other day we had a leak right outside our house and the water company sent the repair crew out. Of course they started the jackhammer about 10 minutes after the commencement of little monster’s afternoon nap. I ran upstairs in panic to close his windows and comfort him and there he was – fast asleep! What an amazing ability which I unfortunately seem to have lost roundabout the time that he was born. Did he steal it from me?

    Anyway, good luck!

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