It’s Here

Another school year. And once again, I’m not ready. I love summer. I actually enjoy hanging out with my kids, and I am reluctant to turn them back over to their teachers. They’re mine! So I’m here to whine about the stuff I am missing out on.

I miss afternoons at the grocery store alone. Girl-child is now quite old enough to be responsible for her brothers while I shop. I still hated the shopping part, but without anyone to entertain, I could get it done in record time.

I miss spontaneous trips to anywhere, staying up as late as we wanted because there was nowhere we had to be the next morning.

I miss afternoons free of automated calls. I have kids in two different schools, and I hear from at least one of them a day announcing everything from a football game to a partnership with a pizza chain, along with at least once-a-week verbal diarrhea from the school supreme monarch superintendent. Seriously. The calls are several minutes long. I now hang up by 58 seconds. Because I know I’m about to receive an email with the same information, sometimes as an audio file in case I enjoy listening to someone drone on about the cost of yearbooks. Also because I can’t focus on a one-sided phone call for any longer than that without starting to ponder what I’m going to make for dinner.

I miss an inbox without school updates. You know, the same ones they just called about? One school also sends me daily updates to keep me abreast of the Bone of the Week. Yep. Five different reminders, same old femur. Last year I got automated daily reminders that my son had not turned in his homework, which would have been useful except that school had been out for a week, and the alleged homework had apparently been assigned the day after school ended.

I miss my kids bickering in the background. Because it was always followed up by spontaneous gestures of affection.

I miss the Suburban that used to nearly hit us everyday when we walked to school last year. Their child must have graduated to the middle school, as we have seen neither hide nor hair of them this year. What can I say? I’m a nostalgic sap.

How many more school days until summer?

First day of school!


20 thoughts on “It’s Here

  1. We started classes this week, too. My kids go to the same school where I teach, though we’re in different divisions (they’re in lower school while I teach in upper). I like having the routine, but I’m really going to miss staying up so late at night reading. And getting 12 hours a day to work on my own writing rather than grade my students’. Ah well.

  2. Those automated calls sound really painful. And emailing audio files of someone speaking words that could just as easily have been written? That’s just cruel.

  3. I am new to the bloggasphere, I love reading what other mommies are dealing with. Thanks for sharing. I hope you and your kiddos have a great weekend! Summer will be here again in the blink of an eye!

  4. MaKenna started too. So far she’s brought home a fundraiser, picture day leaflet, brownie info and info on attending cheer leading after school. I guess the school thinks the parents are made up of $$$$. Hate to tell ’em, but we’re not. Makes it difficult!!

    (cute pic)

  5. I’m with The Byronic Man on this one. As a teacher, I hate getting those autocalls too, but I also love sending them, especially to my advanced classes (because I can do that). I merely have to mention the phrase “do I have to robocall you guys tonight?” and homework and other important paperwork miraculously appears the next day.

  6. Automated messages! Why didn’t anyone tell me? My daughter has been in kindergarten two weeks and we already got two of those. This might drive me to home-school.

    Happy back to school! I’ll miss spontaneous trips to the zoo at 11 on a Tuesday.

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