Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Oh, the Mighty!

Pride goeth

before a fall.


9 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Oh, the Mighty!

      • I haven’t decided. I want something that doesn’t get too big but that I am able to hold. I love my Gilbert (ball python) but everyone keeps telling me eventually he’s guna try to eat me.

      • We feed our ball python in a cooler so that he never develops a feeding response. He did bite once, but it was a total accident. Someone touched him after he was placed in his cooler with the rat. Ball pythons rarely bite.

      • I try to tell everyone that. I feed Gilbert in a critter cage and use tongs. I also make sure I never stick my hand in the critter cage after he’s eaten. In my opinion snakes are awesome pets just misunderstood and unfairly judged.

A penny for your thoughts! And by penny, I mean a warm-fuzzy in your heart.

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