Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Ode To Joy

What makes a little kid happy?



Green Blankies that keep monsters from eating them in the dark of night.

More puppies!


Playing in the sprinklers!


Where do you find your joy?


16 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Ode To Joy

  1. Showing the little monster some of my favourite autumn activities: Building and flying a kite and picking mushrooms in the forest. Taking the 2,547th picture of a sunset from our window. Throwing away a finished to-do list. Yay!

  2. Coffee. Tequila. Puppies. Babies. Not necessarily in that order. I usually don’t hold babies after tequila. Usually. Unless I mistake them for a puppy.

A penny for your thoughts! And by penny, I mean a warm-fuzzy in your heart.

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