Apparently I sent this thing out with no title at all. Good for me.

Winter is coming in the Western Hemisphere! You may need one of these. Or two. Or five.

Becoming Cliche

I will begin with an apology. Those of you who are disappointed at the lack of a real winter can blame me.  It’s my fault. I realized this evening that my daughter and I had not yet made this year’s rice socks. Winter has been holding back on us because Mother Nature knew we weren’t ready. Well, we’re ready now. So bring it. Bring. It.

If you’re doing a snow dance, also, you must make a rice sock, too. They’re just the thing to keep you toasty when the white stuff starts to fall. I apologize for the quality of the photos. My camera is misbehaving.

Here’s what you need:

White No-nutritional-value Rice  (about 1.5lb per sock)                                                                …

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