Nature Is Cruel

I love homegrown tomatoes.I can’t grow tomatoes. I can clone a carrot, but I cannot raise my own tomatoes to save my life. Consider this post. I was close, but when it comes to vegetables, close doesn’t cut it. Those babies fell off the vine the week before Christmas. I was sad.

This year I knew I couldn’t handle heartbreak yet again. I vowed never to plant another tomato as long as I live. And then this happened. Tomato plants everywhere. I yanked most of them up out of righteous indignation, but I let two live. Because their leaves smell good.

They toyed with me, those evil little plants. One of them even set blooms at the beginning of September, but I knew they were just trying to yank my chain, to get me to believe again so that they could squash my hopes like a rotten tomato on a superhighway. All of the blooms withered and died within a couple of weeks. I knew they would. I didn’t care. I’d go out every couple of days and thumb my nose at them. And smell their leaves. They yellowed. I ignored them, some days completely forgetting that they were there.

So here’s what I found yesterday.

My camera won’t even focus on it, tells me that it’s nothing special. Probably just some round green fungus. That will kill us in our sleep or something.


And it’s supposed to frost tonight. I’ll be in my trailer.



18 thoughts on “Nature Is Cruel

  1. Tomatoes are actually hard to kill. The seeds will germinate even in garbage, without soil. I think you should just ignore them, smell the leaves & eventually you’ll get tomatoes, maybe next year or the year after. Of course, this is a person with 2 black thumbs giving you advice.

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