Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Oh, Well.

Squish is sick. I have plans for the weekend that do not involve sick children. Kind of important plans. The last time I made these same plans, the Padawan ended up having a biopsy the day before I was to leave. On Halloween.

Anyway, we’ll be fine. We’re at the doctor’s office this very minute getting good advice. But there’s no time for a post. So you get puppies.

Pssst! The cookies are in the cabinet behind you. Pass it on!

Shhh! He’s ready for a nap!

I eat you up!

Puppies make everything better. Now, you guys keep my spot warm. I’ll be back really soon. I hope.

What’s the most inconveniently timed illness or injury you’ve ever had? Talk amongst yourselves.

18 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Oh, Well.

  1. Thanksgiving, 2008: I had to have my gallbladder out, AKA: no turkey and trimmings for me. Worst. Thanksgiving. Ever. Thankfully the meds the doc gave me were so good I slept until Christmas.

    I hope Squish feels better, and in time for your big weekend plans!

  2. Puppies!!!

    I dunno, I’m sure I’ve had some inconvenient illnesses, but I’ve had so many other “convenient” illnesses that they’re all I remember. Back in college, I pretty much ALWAYS got sick right AFTER finals were done. Which still sucked, getting sick always sucks, but hey, at least my body knew enough to wait until school was done to crap out on me. I do remember being sick on my birthday a couple years ago, but as my birthdays aren’t anything special, it wasn’t really any worse than being sick any other time.

  3. I’m sorry Squish is sick 😦 He is so cute with that puppy. My most tragic sickness was when I got the chicken pox and missed my second grade field trip to the Willy Wonka candy factory. I had just read the book, too (one of my first chapter books) and was so looking forward to it.

  4. So cute! Squish can come play with my new puppy anytime he wants (once he feels better). Hope the little guy is back to running around like a crazy guy in no time!

    I think my most inconvenient illness was the tendency to catch colds the day of the big performance when I was in a choir, especially since I was almost always a soloist. Ugh…

  5. My last week off work recovering from my illness was the week the youngest got sick and through a series of pharmaceutical and medical mishaps, stayed sick the entire week and weekend. Yayyy. Hope Squish is better soon.

  6. My kids may have infected Squish via the internets. lol! Someone has been systematically sick every week since the end of August. This is the first week *CROSSING MY FINGERS* that we haven’t seen a doctor or had emergency washing. Not that I want anyone else to be sick, but really Mr.Sickness needs to find a new house to live in. Just not yours! 😀

  7. I am asking God to make a way for you this weekend. I really love getting to keep up with you and your family cyberstyle. My WIFE……just got married two weeks ago, and I were just going over some old posts on your blog. Thank you so much for your warm, honest sharing. It is hillarious and genuine I really appreciate it.

  8. One year on Christmas Day, my husband developed a hideous intestinal malady. We were supposed to go out of town to visit relatives. Instead we spent the day listening to him retch, and well, other disturbing sounds. Since we had planned an out of town trip, we had nothing available (thawed out) for a decent holiday meal, and the kids and I ended up having grilled cheese sandwiches…in the room farthest away from the bathroom.

  9. Puppies! Thank you! 🙂

    My son broke his finger the day I had to finish writing the main draft of my novel. I had been trying to write the last ten pages for a week and was close to pulling out my hair and the hair of everyone else within sight. Then Tiny Beowulf crashed a heavy box on his index finger’s growth plate. Fortunately, Dear Husband ordered me to get back to my office and finish writing my book while he took T.B. to the ER. They came home fifteen minutes before I put the last sentence on the page. We all kept our hair. And T.B.’s finger healed nicely.

    Happy endings all around.

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