I Can Explain…

So Squish has hand foot and mouth disease. It’s not serious. The most painful part of the illness is its decided lack of proper punctuation. I’ll recover okay, thanks for asking. And Squish should be better in a few days, too.

Today we were back at the doctor’s office again, this time for the Padawan. The bar stools at our counter are fairly high, requiring the kids to step on the bottom rung to climb up on them. The Padawan was reaching for his water and lost his (bare) footing, hitting his two small toes on the rung. I figured it was just a bruise, but he can’t put weight on it, so we went for x-rays.

The nurse asked him what happened. He told her “I hurt my toe when I went to get a drink at the bar.”

Is anyone available later? I may need you to post bail.


35 thoughts on “I Can Explain…

  1. Brilliant.

    At 4 my son was asked what his favorite song was. “What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor” was his response. The folks from the nursery school still look at me like I’m abusive 15 years later. Oh well. It’s a GREAT song.

  2. Haha! Well, my kids say something similar most days. Really makes my life that much more exciting. My daughter created a little book about the family at school. Each page had one of us and a little description next to it. MOM: loves chocolate. JULIA: loves Lollaloopsy. When I got to the last page it read: DAD: loves beer, and she even drew a little picture of him holding a beer.

  3. Oh no. You need a direct path to the doctor’s office. It sounds like us and our direct path to the vet office. Kids, dogs, they all require maintenance.

    But seriously, hope all are better soon. 🙂

  4. children are a trial.. i remember a story johns mother tells of when he was sick at school and the grandmother had to be called in to take him to the doctor and when asked what he had for breakfast he said M&M’s. Grandmother was appalled. The Doctor was aghast. John’s mother hid her M&M’s in a new hiding place.. c

  5. Oh my gosh. I can only imagine the awful, potentially jail-worthy things they say about us when we’re NOT around. Actually, I take that back. I’d rather not imagine.

  6. When I was a kid I referred to my stuffed animals as “my guys”. And I proudly told my aunt that I slept with eight guys each night. I thought my mother was going to die.

  7. The moment when I was most grateful not to be in public was when, after a pee, I had pulled my little monster’s undies up a little too far, and he loudly announced “Mommy, don’t stick it in my bum please”. How come they have this knack to say the funniest things in the wrong context?

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