I Blame Global Warming

I thought it couldn’t get any worse. I was wrong.

Remember the billboard that drives me nuts? They took it down. In its place is this one:

Their hatred for me is strong.

I discovered yesterday that there is a shortage of pumpkins in my area, and bacon will also be at a premium this year. Did the drought wipe out the comma crop, too?

**insert sound of head beating against desk here**


30 thoughts on “I Blame Global Warming

      • I think the idea is that the new service is so reliable that you’ll no longer have to ask the other person whether they can hear you, so you can say goodbye to the question “can you hear?” — which would require quotation marks in addition to commas:

        Goodbye, “can you hear?”
        Hello, “loud and clear.”

        But that still doesn’t work, really, because “loud and clear” is the answer to the question that they’ve just told you that that you won’t need to ask.

  1. apparently the periods are in ready supply! And who is ‘better’? Like how it’s used as a noun? How can I teach my first graders proper grammar and conventions if they don’t see it in their world?

    Your post gave me a chuckle…Oh, and I sure hope that blogging does not bring reptiles to my house! I think it is too cold here anyway!

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