You Mean NOTHING To Me!

No, not you! You mean everything to me. I’m talking about the time change. Daylight Saving Time kicks in this weekend. When I was a kid, and even in the early years of marriage, fall was my favorite because I got an extra hour of sleep! Yay! Now I could not care less about the big event. I’ll give you five reasons.

She’s old and set in her ways. She expects breakfast at 5:30 as it is, and we don’t get up  ’til 6.

If she even thinks she’s going to miss a meal, she protests.

Our train-wreck of a cat. She’s not as dire as she looks. Even her photo won’t align right.

She only pretends to like us.

’nuff said.

Enjoy your hour, if you can get it!

29 thoughts on “You Mean NOTHING To Me!

  1. Haha, perfect! I love your son peeping over the bed. I couldn’t leave my youngest alone for a second as a toddler. I’d be in the bathroom and the 5 year old (Thing One) would run and (she had a studder) try to get out that Thing Two was standing on the table (at one year old) or trying to chew the electrical cords or something and I’d say “All you gotta do is say your sister’s name. I know to run.”

  2. The time change is a relic of a primarily agricultural society, archaic and useless in a world were the only farmers who are left are almost fully automated……..WHOA that was serious and kinda Bwaaa Bwaaa Bwaaaaaaa.
    Squish is possible the second cutest man-cub ever, and your dog well I have met my quota of “Oh my goodness” today. There that feels better. More pics of your puppy please oh and how is the tiniest one doing the spaniel? Or was he a temporary house guest?

    • The only advantage to the time change is that there’s more light when we walk to school. Daylight doesn’t stop the crazy drivers from almost hitting us, but at least they get to see the expressions of horror on our faces with each near miss.

  3. I feel your pain.

    Remember back in the day — for me, it was in college — when the idea of seeing the sunrise was romantic and idealistic and bohemian? Now, a couple of decades, a marriage, a mortgage, and two kids later, the idea of NOT seeing the sunrise is extraordinary. I see the sun come up at least six days a week, usually from my car on the toll road. Honestly.

    I’m going to revel in this extra hour, though, as I always do, even though it won’t get me caught up on my rest. I think I just like the IDEA of it…

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