I Need Your Help!

I cleaned out my kitchen cabinet yesterday. I’m not the kind who wakes up one morning and decides that it’s cabinet cleaning day. I need motivation to get me into the scrubbing mood. I must say that a spilled half jar of honey is a pretty powerful motivator.

I spent a half hour scrubbing and trying to salvage what I could, cursing all pollinators in general and honeybees in particular. I had to throw away two cookbooks because they were spackled to the bottom of the cabinet. Technically, one was only a half cookbook. It broke into two pieces about ten years ago. Maybe I should have thrown it away sooner instead of letting it make three moves with us. Except that may be the cookbook that has my gingerbread recipe. Poop. It’s trash day. Oh, well. There’s always the possibility that the recipe I need is in the other half, which is still living in the cabinet somewhere.

I did a little purging while I was at it. I’m a big believer in the three Rs, so I tried to repurpose what I could. I am sure the kids won’t mind packing their goldfish crackers and apple juice in breast milk storage bags. And I have a Happy Baby food grinder that is up for grabs.***  I didn’t even know I had one of those. It doesn’t appear to have ever been used. Weird. I wonder what we fed Squish when he was a baby. I didn’t buy his baby food.

Anyway, in my investigations, I came across something pretty special, something that I clearly cannot throw away. And here’s where you come in, dear reader.

I don’t know! You’re supposed to tell ME what it is! And why are all my images oriented to the right now?

What the heck is this thing? It is clearly critical to the function of whatever it attaches to, but what that might be, I have no clue!  Need another view?

So pretty, right? Almost sculptural, yes? Unidentifiable, no?

It doesn’t match the color of any appliance or gadget I could find, but I know the moment I throw it away I’ll find that this stupid piece of plastic is critical to the survival of the free world. I’ve learned that lesson already.

So who knows what this thing is? What does it go to? Is it a cockroach racer? I don’t have roaches, but I know where I can get some.


***disclaimer Happy Baby food grinder does not in any way guarantee a happy baby. We are all responsible for our own happiness, even Junior. It’s a harsh world, you know.  


62 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!

  1. Google needs an image search. Not where you enter in a search term and it spits images back at you because I’m pretty sure they already do that. But where you can enter in your mystery image, and it tells you what it is. Or at the very least, searches out images that look similar (I think there’s software that should be able to do this) alone with — hopefully — the explanations of what THOSE objects are, so you can identify YOUR object.

  2. It kind of looks like it is supposed to hang on a wall and have other things hanging from it, but I can’t tell what that would be since it doesn’t look big enough for hangers or sturdy enough for…anything else.

  3. Hmmmm, does it hang on the wall in a bathroom and you hang the toilet brush on one side and the plunger on the other? Because having those objects up in the air wouldn’t be gross at all…

  4. It’s obviously out of a vending machine that sells jelly letters – this bit is the S slot, you pour in your desired sweet mix, leave to set and out pops a jolly big boingy S. That or it’s a snake bath?

  5. All I got was, “Why are you reading blogs intead of working?” So I told him, “Why don’t you just admit you don’t know what it is smarty pants?” From what we can decipher as a happy team, it hangs from a cabinet rather than against a wall, and it holds something. So there you go. You’re welcome. It’s so awesome to have a carpenter for a husband.

  6. So far: Broom holder, spice rack, wine holder, the letter “S” and “I need another picture so I can see the scale.” to which I pointed out the person in the distance (duh). I’m sure there will be more. I think in the end it may end up being a trash holder-downer. You put it in the trash can and it holds everything below it down. Or you’ll have to head to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I’ll come with you.

  7. I’m puzzled too… My methods of deduction have told me that the first picture which is posted is the correct way of looking at it (from the top) since in your second picture, you can see that the holes for the screws denote it’s alignment. But I’m still confused! Currently running multiple Google searches in your honor…

  8. Do you, or did you, own a hand-held blender that either has 2 attachments or comes apart in 2 pieces so you can wash it? It looks like the hangar attachments that came with one I had a number of years ago.

  9. Could it hold a bottle or something like that? When upside down, it looks like it could hold a water bottle. Really, I have no idea. Very curious what it turns out to be though.

  10. I have been puzzling about this all day. It’s seriously driving me nuts! Promise me you’ll blog about it when you figure it out. I don’t know what it is, but I’m jealous that you have one and I don’t.

    Obviously it’s meant to be hung up and put something in it. Hand blender? Turkey Baster? Topiary?

  11. . . .HA HA! This made my night! I wish I had an answer for you. This post made me feel good though. We just recently moved to make more room for a little one on the way & unpacking/organizing/throwing stuff. . .I have been doing the “I should probably keep this, because I will need it. . .NEVER, but I’ll regret it if it leaves our lives.” This tops anything I unpacked though! =]

  12. Ok, back again. Is it not a cord tidy for vacuum cleaner pipe and heads etc. Or didn’t somebodygive you a S for Squidge? Laura

  13. Definitely a wall bracket for something – but don’t you just hate them? I’ve got cupboards full of them, for blenders, electric toothbrushes, etc. Hate to throw them away in case they come in useful for something one day (your fun blog post is the best use I have seen yet!).
    Now I see the size of it, yours reminds me of a manager I once knew. He would write a big letter S on a piece of paper and pass it around – “distributing largesse”, he said (large S, get it?)

  14. Well I am late, and haven’t read all comments, but it looks like it would hold a broom and mop or similar. Could you possibly have acquired such a thing?

    I found a something in my car the other day and I cannot make out what it came from. It was inside the car, so I doubt the thing will fall apart. At least I hope not. Maybe I should put it out on the web and ask…lol.

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