Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Mystery SOLVED!

Yesterday I presented you, my dear readers, with a mystery of epic proportions, and you came through for me. I knew you would. T


What IS that thing?!!!

My favorite guesses were:

A paper airplane, a cat or a teapot, brought to us via Google search by Emmawolf

A Zen Egg Tray, suggested by RecyclerSA

A hanger for a toilet bowl plunger, suggested by Nailingjellotoatree

A candy mold or a snake bath, suggested by Animalcouriers

The letter S and an olive tray, suggested by Cherylhuffer

A Christmas tree ornament, suggested by Marie

A broom holder or a spice rack, suggested by Kim

A cookie cutter, suggested by Deb

Kitchen art, suggested by Katia

A maze for stupid mice, suggested by Oma

I am sad to say that it is none of those things. The super-sleuth who deduced the answer is Lise M!  It goes with my Thunderstick Pro hand-held blender! YAY! Thanks, Lise! If you have a link you’d like me to include with your name, send it to me.

And thank you to everyone who Google searched, posted to Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. you guys ROCK! Now can anyone actually tell me what it DOES?

Look! Up there on the top!

12 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Mystery SOLVED!

  1. Because of the two small holes in the back I think it is a plastic thing to nail on the wall to hold the whatis – or to decorate the Xmas tree. Marie

  2. You screw the s- shape thingy to the wall and then the wide bit holds the motor part of the thundertick and the narrow bit holds the arm with the blade bit – all the rest of the paraphenalia hides in the cupboard below or on the counter. Laura

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