A Good Place To Be

It’s a good day. Yesterday I experienced a big perspective shift that really knocked my socks off. I’ll share it with you soon.

I am a lucky girl. Here’s how I am blessed today:

1) We’re coming up on the half-way point in NaNo, and I’ve realized I will not finish my book by November 30. You want to know why? The story I am telling pleases me greatly. It has been easy to write up until this point. That may change tomorrow, but for now it’s cooking along well. But I will need more than 50K words to tell the story. Like, way more. I’ll meet the word goal, but I’ll only be about 1/3 of the way through the book. So I won’t write “The End” by November 30, but I will still be a winner. In a big way.

2) Last year’s project is speaking to me, also. It’s a story that still wants to be told and desires to see the light of day. I am getting excited about that story, too. And there are two other future works that are talking to me. I am a writer again.

3) Every time I ask my kids what they want for Christmas because grandparents are anxious to finish their shopping, they say “Um, I haven’t really thought about it.” Wow. They aren’t spending all their waking hours (or any time at all, actually) thinking of things they want people to buy them. They’re better at the whole contentment game than I was at their age.

4) I made a giant crockpot full of apple butter yesterday. Want the recipe? It’s easy. And the best part was that the Girl-child helped me make it.

5) I canned the apple butter this morning. I have nine jars lined up like little soldiers on my counter, and all of them sealed successfully. There is no sweeter sound than the ping of a sealing jar. Never canned before? It’s not too hard.  And you don’t need any special equipment to do it, I don’t care what the Ball jar box tells you. A big pot and a dish towel is all you need! Oh, and some jars. And some apple butter. Get peeling!

6) The depression that threatens to swallow me whole around the holidays hasn’t made its appearance, glory to God. It may show up at the door tomorrow, but for today I am not just functioning but thriving. I will take each good day as it come, and we’ll make the most of it.

7) Squish has become my cooking buddy. Yesterday he wanted to make muffins, so we found a good recipe and set to work. They were so good that we’re making them again today! I’ll try to take some pictures and share the recipe.

8) I’ve managed attended a write-in with real people in a real room. Writing has become a very solitary activity for me since I am no longer in close proximity to other writers. I grew up with AJ, and I always had a live and in-person collaboration buddy/idea bouncer off of-er/critic. I miss that. And her. So I attended a write-in. Next time I’ll get brave enough to introduce myself.

9) The last lesson I worked with my computer students on really captured their attention. They took notes, were engaged and interested, and they may remember what they learned for longer than a week. I really felt like a teacher.

So that is where I am. And where are you this fine day?

16 thoughts on “A Good Place To Be

  1. I am very much an introvert, and in my now five times doing NaNo I’ve never gone to a write in. I came close a couple times but then always chickened out. However, it still greatly disappoints me that my current ML hasn’t organized ANY beyond the kick-off/write-in on the 1st. We’re not a huge region. Maybe nobody showed up and she got dejected and figured no one would care if she didn’t have any more. But isn’t it her job to make the effort? Kind of makes me want to overcome my social awkwardness and apply to be a co-ML for next year.

    • You should! We have write-ins schedule throughout the month, but most of the locations are yet to be determined, even on the day of. It’s hard for me to plan because there are parts of town I’m not willing to travel to or that are too far away. But I made it to one! The Night of Writing Dangerously is in another town, so I’ll be skipping it.

  2. Congratulations on finding the groove, in writing and apple butter! It feels so great, n’est ces pas? We haven’t had any write ins in my area, but I’m writing daily and excited. I think I have a real book here and that feels great! Like you, it will not be done on Nov. 30, because it will need to be longer… but I’m kicking butt on the entries, and I will hit that 50,000 for sure. I’m currently at 32,000+. I post my numbers daily on the Tales From the Motherland Facebook page; come join me! I keep asking other NNWM writers to post theirs, and make it a shared victory, but few responses. I don’t leave links on other people’s sites, but I’m hoping you’ll use this one. Come and share your numbers Becomingcliche; we can have our own sit in. Other NNWMs, join us!

  3. I want time to write so badly I could cry. That’s probably not an ideal place to be, is it… But I’m also in a place where the baby (one month old) has only awoken once in the night on two nights in the last week, so that’s a victory.

  4. I have to admit, I’m pretty happy with the way things are going. I’m in the process of moving, my tonsils need to come out, it gets dark at 5, my son just threw a box of crayons, but even with that, things are good. I’m glad they’re good for you too.

  5. A real room with real writers?!? Sounds like a dream. For now I peck at my laptop… on the floor of a toy room… while my toddler swings a plastic golf club just a little too close to my face 🙂 Things sound good for you. Even better, you know enough to stop and be thankful for the good!

  6. You know kids these days do not know what they are missing. We used to wait impatiently for the mailman to bring the Sears Christmas Catalog. The toys were in the back. We studied that thing for weeks to pick out THE TOY. Come to think of it, maybe that is where I went wrong. 🙂

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