There Will Come a Day

There will come a day

When the baby that cries in the night

Will find solace.

And so will you.

Hang on.


There will come a day

When the tantrums in Target

Will be outgrown.

And you will be proud.

Hang on.


There will come a day

When the diapers

Turn into dust rags.

And the world will rejoice.

Hang on.


There will come a day

When the favorite bedtime stories

Collect dust on a shelf.

And they read under the covers to themselves.

Be proud.


There will come a day

When Thomas the Tank Engine

Gives way to Star Wars.

And a new generation is initiated.

Avoid Episode One.


There will come a day

When the toys under the Christmas tree

Are replaced by skateboards and electronics.

And your heart will grieve a little.



There will come a day

When imaginary friends

Are made on Facebook.

And they will think they know it all.

Forgive them.


There will come a day

When you walk your little one into their first school

And the next day they graduate with honors.

And you will yearn.

Hold them tight.


Time is fleeting.

Hang on

To every moment.

Enjoy the magic moments, and go fishing with a stick


59 thoughts on “There Will Come a Day

  1. Amen. Tink is 14 and I find myself missing the 3 year old Tink. And the day when she leaves for college seems to be just around the corner . . . if I don’t strangle her over a Physical Science test score that is.

  2. And, if you’re very very lucky, there will come a time when you get to do it all over again with your grandchildren, and then you know how fleeting time really is.

  3. Beautifully written. I love the sentiment and the “words of wisdom” placed at the end of each stanza. I don’t have children, but I can appreciate (through nieces and nephews) how quickly they grow up and go on on their own. This is a great piece!

  4. I don’t want my 5 month old to get bigger!! It still feels like yesterday that she was born. It’s so bitter sweet to watch her mind grow a little every day and to see her grow in size… I don’t know how my parents did it with three of us…

    On another note, she’s been sleeping through the night since she was 3 weeks old. I didn’t realize how incredibly rare that was… haha

    This made me cry, and it’s beautifully written!

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  6. This touched me on so many levels. With my children about to turn 8,10, and 13…I get excited for their growth and independence, but when I actually think about what that means, I cry. Beautifully written! Thank you.

  7. BC: This is so beautiful! I teared up like the rest of your readers. Do you mind if I send a copy to my daughter? My grandson is four and my daughter is really your target audience. I want her to hang this up where she can read it everyday because it says it all. Take care. ET

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