Post-Holiday Blues

Holidays can be a bit of a mixed bag. While it’s great to get together with family that we maybe don’t see as often as we like, there’s also that bit of awkwardness. Maybe it’s just in my family, or maybe you can relate.

It’s a wonderful blessing to be together, but after a little, you realize that nothing has changed. You see them living in the same mistakes year after year. Every year you hope it will be different, that they will have learned a new way of doing things, that you won’t have to experience the pain of the sameness, hurting and wishing they could see the mistakes they are making as clearly as you do.

Every year you wonder if this will be the year that you get up the courage to say something, but then in the end you retreat like a whipped dog, afraid to be the big bad guy, of being rejected. You feel like a coward because someone needs to be brave and take that first step.

This year, it is going to be me. I am being courageous.

Mom, the coffee was kind of weak. Can we have French Roast at Christmas? There. I feel so much better now!

We’ll pretend that this is a photo of my mom. She doesn’t like her pic on the interwebs, and Squish looks so much like her that it’s like he didn’t even need me as the middle man.


55 thoughts on “Post-Holiday Blues

  1. such a sweet picture. and P.S. I didn’t make the coffee. I’ve been putting extra coffee in because I don’t think it’s strong enough either

  2. It doesn’t matter. The coffee will be weak next year too. I told my sister-in-law to grow up last year and the same whiny kid showed up. Only she’s now 60 …

    Squish is adorable. Can you hold him at that age?

  3. There were only five of us this year as my parents are too old to travel so I enjoyed every bit of having my sister and college-aged kids home!
    I’ve gone to the dark side. French roast.

  4. LOL I can relate. My parents and in-laws are older. They don’t understand that just any old coffee out of a can won’t do. So usually I bring some Starbucks. They don’t dare refuse since it is so pricey…lol.

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