My Hope

Squish’s eyes grew big as he watched.

“I’ve never seen that before! How do you do that?” he breathed in open admiration. “Do it again?”

How could I say no? His giggles turned to guffaws.

“Show me how again!” he begged. “I want to do that! “

And my heart smiled.

We never know which of our skills and abilities and innate desires our kids will inherit.My great-grandmother quilted, but neither of her daughters were ever as passionate. My grandmother knitted and sewed, but none of us got that gene.I am a writer, but the Padawan would rather stick forks in his eyes than complete a creative writing assignment. And don’t get him started on grammar.

I have tried to pique the big kids’ curiosity before. They smiled, feigning interest to make me happy, but they never showed a desire to follow in my footsteps. I’m learning that I can’t force things like this.

But now there’s my Squish, who seems so excited about it that I could just hug him. Seeing his enthusiasm about what I do fills me with joy and hope. Maybe it won’t die with me. Maybe, just maybe, if his interest holds and I don’t burn him out, there will be one other person in this family that can put the toilet paper on the spindle. The future looks bright, indeed.

The Hope For The Future


22 thoughts on “My Hope

  1. I’m learning that I can’t force things like this.
    I’m in the process of learning this, too. I think some days it’s going to be easier than others.

    And that picture? Ridiculously adorable. So many smiles here, to witness that smile there.

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