My Daily Joy

Guess what? We’re now only 12 days from Christmas! Know how I know? Because it’s my birthday today. When I was a kid, I used to pretend that the Twelve Days of Christmas was written just for me. I have yet to receive a partridge. I did get a leopard gecko once, but it wasn’t in a pear tree.

Anyway, we’re in the home stretch now. Christmas is coming. The countdown has begun. Lords will soon be leaping and all that good stuff. Each day between now and Christmas, I am going to share a little joy. There’s always at least one thing to be joyful over, even on a bad day. It may be the whole topic of my post, or I may tack it on at the end, but it will be there.

My daily joy for today: I came into my classroom and found birthday presents on my desk. Since they were completely unexpected, they were all the more wonderful! And the school administrative assistant cool chick wished me a happy birthday over the intercom. Does it get any better than this? AND Peter Jackson chose today to release The Hobbit, obviously in honor of my special day. AND I don’t have to cook dinner tonight because we are buying pizza. AND my especialist friend sj wrote a birthday post for me that contained two of my favorite songs by two of my favorite musical groups ever.

Wait. That’s a lot of joy. Is it too much? I don’t think so.

What’s your joy for today?


33 thoughts on “My Daily Joy

  1. My joy for today is (believe it or not) getting my Little Dude ready for exams. This is the boy who was once written off. The boy who was a mystery waiting be figured out. And we figured him out. And now he can learn and be a regular 12-yo. So my joy is wrapped up in a lot of hard work, which is the best kind of reward.

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  3. Happy birthday! Mine came in a belated but lovely guest post received from my S.O. I wish every day could start like this, but then I’d probably lose sight of the loveliness.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! And happy 12 days until Christmas 🙂 My joy for today was watching my kids snuggle together and “read” a book. It was upside down and they never turned a page, but it was definitely one of those my-heart-is-going-to-burst kind of joys!

  5. Happy Birthday, BC!
    It is my mother’s 89th birthday today, and I can’t wait to go over and celebrate. That is my joy today. She is right now getting her hair done, which brings her joy. (I take after her.)
    And everyone in the US has another good reason to celebrate: Today the Commercial Advertisement Volume Mitigation Law goes into effect! — (so a verysoft ‘hurray’)


    My joy was getting to spend the evening with one of my most wonderful friends and catching up with her. It’s been too long. And laughing and talking and just relaxing for once. It was awesome.

    Hope you had an amazing day! I’m late but got it in under the wire!

  7. Happy birthday! Thanks for bringing the Hobbit, just another reason I like you!

    My joy today, is the shaw fire log channel. Sounds and looks like a fire in my living room without the mess/expense/fire hazard. It’s weird how much I enjoy it.

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