And Now The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For

And by “you all,” I mean my husband and children, who are hoping to one day have a decent meal and clean laundry.

Here it is. The big announcement that isn’t an advertisement for deodorant. Last night, after four months of work, I finished my first novel in 25 years. I’ll pause here and let that sink in a minute. For me, not you. I am floored. 25 years.

It has been:

309 full moons

175 dog years

a quarter century

6 terms of presidential office

6 Aerosmith albums

The shelf life of a package of Twinkies

I knew early in the day that I was set to finish. I was giddy and gleeful all day, until I typed those magic words; “The End.”  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I’ll go for both.

Anyway, this is just the beginning of a long and painful process. I’ve put it away for now, letting it age like a fine wine while I work on some other things. I say wine and not cheese because I’m really hoping I don’t open it back up and find out it really stinks. And then come the rewrites. I’m not fooling myself. I have a lot of rewriting to do.  And then I find beta readers. And decide if I’m going to pursue this one as my debut novel. I thought no at first, but now I’m not so sure. This may be the first one I put in an agent’s hands. It’s hard to imagine, like thinking about sending your kid to college when they’re still small enough to sleep in a crib.

It’s just a little baby novel yet. I’m going to give it a kiss and stick it in a drawer for a few weeks. Just like the baby books tell you to do.


87 thoughts on “And Now The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For

  1. It’s always surprising to put a creative work down for a nap. When it wakes up it is either much better or much worse than you remembered – another creature, in fact! When you start editing be kind as well as demanding. Congratulations! Marie

  2. Congratulations!!!!! I’m working on one too, and you have just inspired me to, maybe, write a little bit more tonight.

    Would you please re-run this post every few days? That may just keep me working on it!

  3. Congratulations! How exciting for you! I am working on a YA novel at the moment myself, I can only imagine the excitement in a semi-finished project! Will be staying tuned for updates on any news about your decision to hand it to an agent! Good luck on the rest of your road to possibly getting published!

  4. Mazel Tov! A huge day! Been there, done that, and totally GET IT. Really. I am now in the who knows how many months of figuring out what next. I’ve had my writing group edit it, and 2 separate editors. I need to send it in again, for a “final” read, but then the next step has taken on such big, scary proportions in my mind, that I’m stuck. I encourage you to do this right. Editing, by someone who does not give a rat’s ass about your feelings, is critical. That was the hardest step for me, getting past that feedback and looking at it realistically. From there, it’s all a big leap of faith! I am so excited for you! I hope to watch you zip forward and show me how it’s done! Big huge high five!

  5. I’m so proud of you!!! Well done! The only book I ever had published was my thesis in graduate school…the teacher made us do it…and I felt like it ripped one whole year out of my life! All I did was research, surveys, pie charts, conclusions, and bibliographies…I don’t remember celebrating anyone’s birthday that year, or sending out a single card to anyone. I so hope your book-writing experience was wonderful!! And that your “little baby” grows healthy and multiplies!!

      • Ahhhh…maybe when I’m on summer vacation from work I can tackle writing something…you’ll be a pro at the rewrite thing by then, so I’ll let you know if I need to pick your brain…if you have any brain cells left by then! Ha! God Bless! Looking forward to good reading from you!

  6. Holy moly, that is HUGE! I can’t think of one single thing I’ve stuck with for 25 years! You must’ve started it when you were five! That’s amazing — you were writing novels in kindergarten! That is the biggest news here today.


  7. BC: That is outstanding! Congratulations, and congratulations on the birth of your Baby T (I love that little tooth). It looks like most of your blog fans are writers and have “manuscripts” hidden in drawers, including me. Keep us posted as you travel the journey of getting published. All the best.

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