What If Baby WANTED to Be Put In A Corner?

She might have, if it was anything like my corner. I have one, you know. Fifteen square feet in this world that is all my own. I don’t have to share it with anyone. My husband fixed it up for me, and I love him for it. Want to see?

It's the best, isn't it?

It’s the best, isn’t it?

It has everything I need, and most of the pieces have a story of their own. The bistro table is from our favorite coffee shop. When they closed their doors, my husband bought me “our” table. There are two chairs. If you’d like to sit and talk books or writing for a bit, have a seat. You would be most welcome!

The blanket hanging on the back of the chair was a “dirty Santa” gift from a work party. It’s huge and warm and, hello? LIZARDS! It’s like it was made for me. I may or may not have peed on it to keep anyone else at the party from trying to steal it. I’m not saying. One trip through the wash and good as new, right?

One of the little cases on the table contains my MP3 player. I have writing playlists. There is no better music to listen to when trying to write intense, dramatic scenes than this. For real. Buy it now, thank me later. The other case contains my glasses. We won’t go into that right now.

The cork board was a gift from my husband, and it literally has a story. My story. Pinned to it is the layout for my newest project. The work is not exactly new. I started it for NaNoWriMo this year, but I got stuck and continued on with something else. Now it’s time to revisit. This tale gets my blood pumping. My goal is to finish the first draft by Mothers’ Day. Though it is half-finished this timeline may be a bit ambitious since this will be my most technical work to date, and there are some fiddly bits that I haven’t finished working out yet. By tomorrow, the note cards will be color-coded by story line, character notes, plot twists, and questions I am trying to answer. And then the real work begins.

This space mine, and I love it. I spend hours here each night after kids are in bed. I don’t have have to share with anyone. Except my old cat. She’s the most demanding editor, fussing at me to sit down and write so she has a cozy place to perch. It’s good for both of us, really. She’s my muse.

I finished my book this weekend. At 51K, It’s not a huge tome. It was never meant to be. It was just a story that was begging to be written. It made me happy to write it. It was exhilarating to watch it grow with such speed, uncovering one surprise after another. Is it good? Probably not. Yet. There are still rewrites and such. But it doesn’t matter because it’s just for me, anyway.

So what is your writing space like? Are there notes from a current project you’d like to share? And what’s on your playlist? I’m always looking for new musical inspiration! So many questions! The wheels in my brain are run by a hamster strung out on MoonPies.


***If you’re under the age of 30, the title may be meaningless to you. If so, run, do not walk, to the video store, or stream it, or whatever you crazy kids are doing these days, and get this movie. It is key to understanding my generation. No, you darned kids, get off my lawn!


45 thoughts on “What If Baby WANTED to Be Put In A Corner?

  1. Congratulations on finishing!!

    I don’t have a corner, but I desperately want one. I struggle so much to find time/space to write. I always think I’ll do it after my daughter goes to bed, but then I’d rather hang out with my husband because I haven’t seen him all day and blah blah blah.

    Radiohead is one of my favorite bands to write to, especially their album King of Limbs. It’s like a brain massage.

    • Squish is finally old enough that I am able to carve out some time to write. It has been a relief. I like who I am so much more when I write!

      I’ll ask my daughter if I can borrow her Radiohead. Thanks!

  2. If it were up to my son, we would listen to ONLY the Rolling Stones (his dad has corrupted him…), but my daughter likes to shake her booty to just about anything. Including a ringing telephone. Maybe add that to your playlist?! And P.S. I love that your husband is so supportive. Get in that corner, baby!!

  3. I fixed up my little office in a very girly style (rose in the wallpaper, lace curtains, etc.) so that my husband would not be comfortable there. It worked, too. I wrote my novel there… (which is still wimpering from loneliness in its drawer.) I write my blog on my laptop though – in front of TV. Blogs are better (or so I tell myself) if I don’t concentrate too hard.

  4. In my own little corner, in my own little room….
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist ^_^;; Your post title is cooler, though. Also, I’ve been daydreaming of having my own coffeehouse-style room (once I have my own place…someday), with eclectic coffeehouse-style tables and maybe a few comfy sofas for sitting and reading, and maybe even a beanbag or two!

  5. I love your space! I’ve got one in the MIL unit attached to our garage. I call it the Love Shack (another reference from our generation!) but unfortunately the baby monitor doesn’t go that far. I still get out there occasionally, but mostly I use the coffee table (pressed up against one couch so the baby can’t get to my laptop. This is a temporary fix. Next is what, a standing desk? On wheels?). Thanks for sharing about your space, & getting me thinking about mine!

  6. I must have watched that movie 6 or 7 times in the theatre when it came out. We were besotted with Patrick (RIP), we all wanted Baby’s hairdo, and “This is my dancing space and this is yours” is still one of the running gags among my friends. The only thing I never quite mastered is the lift 😉

    • It does! I actually looked at some art today because it is truly a blank canvas. The only problem is that it is the wall that can be seen from the rest of the room, so it can’t be too outlandish. Thinking…thinking… Thanks for the music rec!

  7. I have an office in our 3rd car garage. It’s my haven…my escape…my very own special piece of this world, too. I have a story board with characters that stare at me daily asking, “What do you think I’m going to do today?”

    Love your corner!

  8. Great job on the novel! I guess my writing space moves from the office downstairs to the bedroom upstairs of the local library depending on how well I need to concentrate or what needs to be accomplished. My wife was gracious enough to give me two separate spaces within our house with both the office downstairs and half of the garage which slowly gets swallowed by strollers and other objects we have been accumulating since the birth of our child. I especially love my library time, but family guilt sets in and I eventually gravitate back to the house.

  9. Sadly, I don’t have a cozy corner to myself, as everywhere I look is dusted with cat fur. But I always find inspiration for a random story with a single line and the story just unravels on the spot, yet never enough so that I may sound coherent enough to begin one to the next person who hears a patch of scene with no beginning nor end.. I really bravo you NaNoWriMo writers.

  10. It looks like a very nice corner! I was very touched by your husband buying “your” table from your bistro for you.
    I could have a whole room to myself if I wanted – we have a spare bedroom we use as an office. But I prefer to work with my laptop in the living room with the TV on in the background as “white noise” but I really should go into the office – I would probably get more done. I just have to talk hubby into getting a more comfortable chair.

  11. Ugh, I cannot imagine not knowing what that quote means! I still watch that movie and it takes me right back to being thirteen and knowing my mother probably doesn’t want me to see this….Anyhoo, lovely workspace. Mine is shared and just yesterday my husband said something about my papers everywhere. The nerve of him!

  12. Love the “baby in the corner” quote! I am a fan of all Dirty Dancing quotes – with that one being the best of all! I love your workspace – it is perfect! I usually work in my sunroom, but in the winter, it gets little sun. I think I need a bulletin board – great idea! 🙂

  13. Love that you shared your special writing space with us! Why didn’t I think of that?? Probably because mine looks nothing like yours, seeing as how I split it between writing and my Web design business. Maybe I need a cat muse, too?!

  14. I must say I move all over the place with my laptop with 3 regular writing spots plus my bed and my garden sometimes. Unfortunately I wonder if that’s not one of the reasons it takes me ages to get in the mood; maybe I should commit to one and stick to that…hmm…
    Also, what a lovely idea your husband had to buy that table 😉

  15. Congratulations!!
    I do have a corner, but I don’t have a cork board yet. I will, one day. Hopefully. But one thing I can’t live without is my assortment of pens, pencils, sharpies, etc. I don’t really use them as much as one would think, but I love looking at my mugs (yes, I use mugs as pencil holders) full of colorful tools. Somehow they inspire me.

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