In Your FACE, Mayor Bloomberg!

Hail, Mississippi! Long live the legislature! ** All hail the mighty ones in their power. Take a knee, friends, in honor of their infinite wisdom. You might as well. They have your best interests at heart. You can trust them.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, in his infinite folly, tried to pass a ban on super-plus-sized sodas, right? Never mind that the state overruled it. He got too big for his britches there.  It’s ironic when you think about it, considering he was trying to prevent New Yorkers from getting to big for theirs.

Anywho, Bloomberg wanted other states to sit up and take notice of the statement he was making. Mission accomplished, big boy! Mississippi sees you one giant-sized soft drink and will raise you an end to Home Rule.

Recently there was a nearly unanimous vote in both State House and Senate which would make it illegal for any municipality to require that restaurants post nutritional information on their menus. It’s all about consistency, even if that consistency is rather jiggly about the middle.

Rep. Greg Holloway, a democrat, was quoted as saying:

“We don’t want local municipalities experimenting with labeling of foods and any organic agenda. We want that authority to rest with the legislature.”

I could not agree more. Such experimentation is dangerous and could easily spiral out of control, leading to the improved health of entire towns. Where’s the equality in that? And don’t get me started on the organic agenda. You can have my BHA when you pry it out of my cold, dead, but surprisingly well-preserved fingers!

The legislature obviously loves their constituents and doesn’t want towns and counties to have to worry their pretty little heads about what they are eating. That responsibility lies with the big state government. They’ve got it all under control. Shhhh! Go back to sleep, little Mississippian. It will all be okay.

What are you waiting for, Governor Bryant? Sign that bad boy into law!  Virtute et armis ***


**Though considering that the lifespan of the average Mississippian tends to be shorter, it might not be that long .

*** state motto. Latin for “flabby arms”

37 thoughts on “In Your FACE, Mayor Bloomberg!

  1. Passing idiotic laws gives idiots something to do, to prove they’re “working for us.” Seems like a better stance would be stepping out of the way and letting consumers determine whether they really want (or need) a ginormous sweet drink. After all, one can only legislate so much before people dig in and say, No more!

  2. “…he was trying to prevent New Yorkers from getting to big for theirs.” Ha! Great line.

    Peppermeister and I were watching TV last night and this came on as a ‘breaking news’ report (a whole ‘NOTHER issue…). Not sure if that’s just because we live in the NY metro area. Yes, yes, best if we all just go back to sleep… Obviously the government has our best interests at heart, our clogged, money-making hearts…

  3. Blasphemy!! I almost chose the wrong menu item just the other night, assume it had few calories than what I actually wanted. In the end I got what I wanted (not really – I wanted a burger, I got a Cobb salad), and it cost less on my belly (not that you’d notice, seriously). What an interesting blog post.

  4. I have mixed feelings about Bloomberg’s ban. But, frankly, the vat of soda is one of just many oversized offerings made available to people who want quantity. There’s no way to legislate against it all. Unfortunately, obesity, leading to all sorts of other health problems, just increases the cost of healthcare in this country. I wish shaming people wasn’t so frowned upon.

    • I’m on the fence about the soda ban, myself. I just can’t believe the people of Mississippi are sitting by and watching while their legislature makes sweeping decisions for them. Taking away the control a city or county has over what happens within them is alarming to me.

  5. It is all very confusing, I am actually in favour of anything that honestly tells people what they are eating.. though to ban big drinks seems silly, I once went into a bar and asked for a triple brandy (I was having a bad day).. anyway they said no it was against the law to serve a triple brandy. Oh, I said, how about two doubles then. I can do that, he said. So he poured a double into each glass, i poured one double brandy into the other double brandy , raised my glass,toasted the barman and threw down my quadruple shot without any hesitation (the whole bar was watching at this point one has to keep up appearances) smiled, plonked down my empty glass, paid the man and walked back out the door. My day was much improved. But see what happens when they won’t let you super size your drink? c

  6. Several weeks ago, I made the terrible mistake of trying to have a meal at an IHOP. I felt like getting me a greasy, messy plate ‘o sumthin;. IHOP labels ALL of their menu items, most of which exceed my daily caloric, sodium/cholesterol/etc. intake (sometimes they exceed my intake for two days). Pretty much the only things I can have there are a glass of water and a side of air. Too many of us are oblivious to the ingredients and calories in our foods. I applaud restaurants, like IHOP, who list their ingredients, and people who advocate for restaurants to do so. It won’t put restaurants out of business, but rather force them to re-think their menu offerings.

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