Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Ode to Joy

Joy is the mountains on the first warm weekend of the year.

Mountain stream, how I've missed you!

Mountain stream, how I’ve missed you!

Joy is a big sister who is happy to piggy back you when you get too tired.

March 16 Frozenhead 062

Love my sis

Joy is when she RUNS!



Good morning. What brings you joy today?

20 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Ode to Joy

  1. Siblings ARE special, aren’t they? They know which buttons to push to make us mad, but every so often they do something that gives us wonderful memories. Lovely mountain stream, too!

  2. That last shot is sooooo cool. A lucky one I guess, or did you run with them and keep snapping?

    Oh and joy is my little monster hugging his baby brother good-bye when we drop him off by the school bus stop: cuddle, kiss, cuddle. It’s a ritual.

  3. I agree with all your other readers: the faces of these sweet kids give me joy! Carefree and full of life. That’s all the ministry I need today. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Your post brought me joy.

    I didn’t have a big sister. I was one, though. And I can say it brought me joy, and it still does, to give a child (brother or not) a piggy back ride.


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