Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Decorating With Heather

In the market for a new centerpiece for Spring? So were we. And here you are.

Another reason they don't let me on Pinterest.

You know you want one. Admit it.

What is it? I’m so glad you asked.

Yeah. They're bullfrogs.

Yeah. They’re bullfrogs. Because it’s me.

New pillows? New centerpiece?Just call me Martha Stewart.


Conservation note: These are captive bred and will not be re-released. It’s illegal here to take animals out of the wild, and there’s a fatal fungus that can be transmitted to wild populations if they are released into a local pond.

37 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Decorating With Heather

  1. My son would claw his way through this screen to get one of those. Had to talk him down from a big ol’ ledge at the toy store recently when he wanted to spend lots of cash for a kit where you send away for tadpoles and raise them in the flimsiest of plastic containers.

    That bullfrog is going to be huge!

    • Not worth the money, in my opinion. A visit to a pond shop and an aquarium are a better route.

      We have a big tank to put them in when they are frogs. My son is taking them to school until they become frogs.

  2. Your intros always entice me to open your blog in a full browser to read and see more!! Then, I always come away knowing something. Thanks! ________________________________

  3. I imagine your house as Amy’s House of Wonder. Frogs! Snakes! Adorable kiddos! I think if I were to visit, my head would explode with awesomeness.

    My centerpiece at the moment is piles and piles of junk mail. I think yours wins.

  4. OK, so how do your have a conversation in this room? Does everyone lean on an edge of the aquarium? Or do you duck & look through the glass at the person on the other side of the room?

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  6. I was kind of hoping to take our local farmer up on his offer for my centerpiece; he’s advertising “Free poop–take as much as you want” on the side of his barn. I’m thinking decorative bucket, cow poop–voila! Now it’s spring.

  7. Becoming Cliché,
    Love!!! Let me repeat this: LOVE.
    I am an avid frog hobbyist. I even owned my own frog forum for awhile (Amphibian Network). We used to have around 10 vivariums, with 7 species of frogs. But we’re now just keeping dart frogs, and my fave species, Phyllobates terribilis. Love, I said.
    Le Clown

  8. Ohhh…I do envy you, Used to catch what I thought were tadpoles down at a construction site in Taiwan growing up. After a few days, like any 8 year old, I promptly forgot I had a bucket full of “tadpoles” in the bathroom. Then, we were infested with mosquitoes. When my parents found out… well, let’s just say there’s a reason why I didn’t get a pet till I was 16.

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