Nekkid Chicks

No, you’re not in the wrong place. It’s still a family blog.

Look what I found yesterday in a cooler on my back porch.

What a strange bundle of leaves. And a strange location. That's the cooler where I feed my snake.

What a strange bundle of leaves. And a strange location. That’s a little soda cooler.

A closer look? Okay, then.

Click to enlarge. The gallery pics show up tiny, but the photos themselves have some great detail. I love my new camera!

My mother has a great deal of experience with birds, and she believes that they have just hatched, and she’s probably right. There’s not a single feather on these little nekkid chicks! I am trying to figure out the species. It’s a tiny one. I know because mother bird and I scared the poop out of one another, and she flew right by my head.

I love that she has built her nest inside a cooler. The temperature will stay nice and cozy without getting too hot. Who says they are bird-brains? And here’s proof that most birds have a poor sense of smell. I use that cooler to feed a snake.

*    *   *

On a totally different note, I am preparing my first review post for our awesome children’s book club. It should go live on Monday. If you have already done a post about a favorite kids’ book, send the link to me so I can include it in the post. If you want to do one, include a link to Monday’s post somewhere in yours, and a link to your post will appear as a trackback. That way we can all find each other’s awesome children’s reads.

Also, you are welcome to click the Goodreads widget in the right hand column and join the club On Goodreads. Until that site is completely taken over by Amazon Zombies same diff a huge, multinational corporation and we are forced to hold meetings in my playhouse. I’ll make the gingerbread.

24 thoughts on “Nekkid Chicks

  1. Wonderful place for a nest. We found one in the middle of a grape vine a few years ago – it was great going back to see the chicks hatch and grow – only problem was finding which vine it was 😉

  2. Such a cool thing to be able to witness. A bird built her next in the window about my parents’ kitchen sink, and it was pretty amazing to watch her care for the eggs, see the eggs hatch, and then watch the little chicks mature and eventually one by one leave the nest. My kids were amazed by it! And on the note of the children’s book club….um….GREATEST IDEA EVER! I am totally in.

  3. I guess nature didn’t make baby birds so cute you have to fall in love with them, like they did with human babies. To me, only a mother could love these babies. Sorry.

    • No apologies necessary. They aren’t cute. The cute things that come out of eggs have shells of their own. I’m not a bird person. But I do feel protective of these tiny plucked turkeys.

  4. So funny that they are in a cooler. Now you’ll just have to hope nothing gets them. I watched as two robins fought off a snake three times last week. I’m not sure how the third time turned out. Ugh.

  5. What type of birds are they? You know, Chinese people say that it’s very good luck to have birds nesting in your home – brings abundance of family happiness, etc. BTW, this post has just reminded me you’re the person to ask about this weird large looking beetle thing I found that just deposited about 6 lime green eggs on my blanket that I set out in the sun this morning to air out. I looked online and saw it might be a stinkbug (just my luck, really), but it looks a little fancier than that.

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