I Guess Birds Can Read After All

The baby birds on our deck have grown by leaps and bounds. After a bit of research, I have concluded that these are Carolina wrens. Here are a few pics from their first day on the planet. The books say they leave the nest 12-16 days after hatching, but that’s really hard to believe.

Click to enlarge. I’m hoping the gallery format makes load time much faster for my readers, but the thumbnails are way too tiny to show any real detail.

Mom and Dad always bounce over to my window to announce their departure, as if to say “Hey, we’re going out for a bit. Can you watch the kids for us?” That’s my cue to get the camera.


This will likely be my sole venture with birds this summer. They grow far too quickly to keep up with. I’ll be returning to my previously scheduled reptilian program shortly. Very shortly.


24 thoughts on “I Guess Birds Can Read After All

  1. It is such fun seeing them grow. We once found a nest of eggs in a vine we were pruning and went back each day (once we’d found the vine again and marked it!) to see how far they had come. Sad when they we there no more.

  2. So cool! I’m so glad you were able to document this!

    I thought of you this morning when I opened the garage door at my mother’s house and a baby gecko fell down near my shoe. He immediately scampered up my pant leg. Fun times. 😀

  3. The abrupt growth of feathers is amazing! From a hairless to Mut to something I might actually cuddle is quite the feat. I never did knew that they shutted up , ever, before they flew away for themselves. A bit sad for the parent though.

  4. Wow – 12 days and out. Are you sure they didn’t just move into their parents’ basement while they take a couple of classes and try to figure out what they want to “be” when they grow up?

  5. It’s great you got to follow their development. We first notice there are chicks in the nest, then, poof, they’re gone.

  6. Great photos! My daughter had two in a nest on her windowsill this spring. Since she isn’t allowed pets in her apartment, she became quite attached. She sent me daily pictures and was very sad to see them go this week. I think she thought they would be there for the summer!

  7. The other day, I was commenting on how I don’t see as many robins in the Pacific NW as I used to and guess what birdie has his nest up in my pink dogwood tree? Didn’t find out till the BF hacked away at the lower branches of the tree (I wanted the eyesore torn down). But the eggs have just hatched and the nest looks like it’s been there for a while (built up very high on the sides), so I guess I’ll let it be there for a little while longer. However, the tree looks totally dorky now, no leaves on the lower half and the top is full of leaves. I’m thinking about hanging those little stuffed monkeys with the long arms from the lower branches.

  8. I followed the progress of a hummingbird family this spring. I was so sad when I brought my camera over and the last one had gone. I thought we were friends. Oh, wait. I think they are now at my feeders. 🙂

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