The Ultimate Betrayal

Relationships can be hard enough, trusting your heart won’t be broken, and knowing that it just might be.

You know how it is. You’re late to the game. Everyone is talking about the cool kid in town, and you kind of wish you could hang out with them, too. But you’re uncertain. Your friend finally  introduces you and is just sure it’s a match made in heaven, but you hang back a little. You reserve judgment, guarding your heart. And then as things gradually unfold, you realize they are perfect for you. They are witty, smart, sophisticated. They’re a little uptight at times, but that is part of their charm.

Little by little, with every laugh and tender moment you share, they become a part of you, and you let down your guard. Before you know it, they have laid claim to a piece of your heart, and you let them have it gladly.

After a couple of years, there is no longer a question of trust. You know with every fiber of your being that they will never let you down. And then they do. That awful moment where everything good is gone. They’ve killed it once and for all, and for no real reason that you can determine.

That happened to me, and it hurts. I am still reeling.

Downton Abbey, you call that a Christmas special? How did I not see this coming? I may never be the same.


39 thoughts on “The Ultimate Betrayal

  1. I’ve not yet seen the Season Three Xmas Special…don’t ruin it for me!

    (Although I did go onto Wiki and read ahead already – I’m terrible and should be flogged.)

  2. You just watched it? Zoiks and I thought you were leading up to a divorce or cheating revelation. I have to agree about the shock. Killing off whatshisname so expeditiously seemed callous and abrupt to me. I was hoping Mary would go first. 😉

  3. Oh no! I thought I was over it (you know, in the UK we got to watch the Christmas special around… um… Christmas), but now you are re-opening that barely healed wound again! What were they thinking?!

  4. I nearly threw my remote at the telly!

    FYI: I’m American but I love saying telly. Telly telly telly.

  5. If you are talking about the end of the last season (I cannot remember what the title of the episode was), then I agree 100 million percent. I am a little mad at you for bringing it up – I had only recently put it out of my mind. I totally cried and made my husband rewind and watch it again (I had my eyes closed) – I couldn’t bear to watch a second time. Ah the pain.

  6. You really had me going there — I even thought the Downton Abbey bit was just a switch to a different subject, until I read the first comment. Yeah, I never really got into that show…it’s just not my cuppa (another fun British word, like telly! If we all say “cuppa” together, maybe I’ll get season 3 of Sherlock sooner? 😀 ). But I did hear about the depressing season 3 finale.

    Oh, and *sigh of relief* that you weren’t actually let down by a person outside of TV.

  7. I’m so sorry for your betrayal. What a bitter pill to swallow.

    I haven’t seen it yet. Sticking fingers in my ears and saying “La la la” so I can’t hear a thing.

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