My Eyes Are Opened.

It’s all fun and games until you realize it’s all a sham.

It started out great, everything all new and exciting. It’s easy to have your head turned when someone is so attentive. It was like they went out of their way to really get to know me, what I like, what I love, what I hate. No cue was too subtle. If in a conversation I casually mentioned my dog,  they’d surprise me with all kinds of stuff they knew about dogs. When they knew I was an adventurous eater and loved saagwala, they were eager to and show me some other amazing restaurants I had never even heard of. They introduced me to people. It was really kind of sweet. No one had ever tried harder to please me, to know me, to expand my horizons. No one.

After nearly five years together, I swear we were like an old married couple. Some days it seemed like they could just read my mind. I came to count on them, to assume that they were as invested as I was. After so much time, it was painful to discover that it was all a lie. I only thought they knew me. Turns out, they don’t know me at all.

Gmail, I’m talking to you. Quit sending MoonPie Mike’s blog to spam. If after all this time you think that’s not something I want to read, you will never really know me.


21 thoughts on “My Eyes Are Opened.

  1. I was sending an email the other day when Gmail helpfully asked, “I noticed you said “attached” but there’s no attachment, would you like to attach one now?”

    I was both grateful and creeped out.

  2. Yeah, I had a similar sensation the other day when, after I had just purchased a flight ticket to a certain destination, suddenly all the adverts on facebook and other pages I frequent offered me super deals to that same destination. What did they “think”? That I’d purchase a second ticket if they just said please pretty enough?

  3. I have a blogger I follow they do the same thing to & continuously mark it as Spam! If I keep allowing it to download, you’d think they’d get the message eventually.

  4. socially people are not as adjusted as they used to be, and as you get older your interests change too, so dont be disappointed, did you ever see two tall trees side by side in a forest, and lots of little ones close by, imagine yourself a tree

  5. Gmail can be very annoying at times. I guess “Moon Pie” must be favorite spam words. Or maybe it is “moon? Or maybe “pie”? Or maybe it is the combo? Please don’t tell me it is “Mike”. With gmail, anything is possible.

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