Happy Holiday!

This year, a lot of holidays have passed unnoticed and uncelebrated.

Valentine’s Day: always a non-holiday. No candy hearts here. They taste like chalk. I don’t hate Valentine’s day, it has just never been earth-shattering. Like Arbor Day. I like trees every day, thanks.

Easter: We went to church and worshiped, and it was beautiful as always, and we went to my mom’s for a family lunch. But it rained the entire afternoon, thus no egg hunts. Mom put the kibosh on indoor egg hunts when I was ten and we lost an egg. It wasn’t lost forever, of course. We found it. When it exploded in the closet. Did I mention we used real eggs? No hunts.

Father’s Day: Husband took the kids to see his folks, and I was working and couldn’t go. I told him to pick a day to celebrate, and he hasn’t. So I save the cards for next year? I guess after he reads this, he’ll let me know.

Fourth of July: We did nothing. At all. It rained all day long. Husband took the big kids to fireworks in the drizzle. The kids weren’t in it for the fireworks, though. Turns out, there’s a tradition between the three of them that involves Slurpees.

After all those misses, I was not about to let another National celebration slip away. So on that note:

Happy Hostess Day!***



That’s right! Hostess products are back on the market! I’ve checked the local papers, and I haven’t found a parade. I’m sure that was just an oversight. No day off from work, either, which was kind of a bummer for hundreds of millions of us. Next year, perhaps? They’ll still be fresh by then.

I feel the same way, little buddy...

I feel the same way, little buddy…


*** I had to call it Hostess Day. I know Twinkies are the real news-making snack cake, but even I can’t bring myself to eat a Twinkie. You celebrate your way, I’ll celebrate mine.

25 thoughts on “Happy Holiday!

  1. Om nom nom nom nom! My mom never used to buy hostess when I was a kid, so it’s got this forbidden special occasion nostalgia thing going on for me. I’m going to stop for some ho-hos now.

  2. Ding Dongs. (NOT A EUPHEMISM.) None of the imitators are anywhere near as good as the originals. WANT.

    (Squish is just adorable, sincerely. THAT FACE!)

    (I agree about candy hearts tasting like chalk, but I’m a little obsessed with cinnamon hearts. I like that they’re so hot they make my eyes water. I love cinammony things.)

  3. I love your kids have a slurpee tradition!

    Hostess Day, I will have to allow this one to slide right by. Was never a fan, not even as a child. I know, slightly sick of me but we just never ate them, any of them.

    The pictures, these are awesome.

  4. Celebrating is fun, fun, fun. And fun is good as Dr Seuss says. I love your Hostess day! Please celebrate father’s day as well. It would be romantic. And being romantic is super, super, super. Dr Seuss did not say that. 🙂

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