It’s All In How You Look At It

I’ve been in a terrible mood.

A to-do list looms over my shoulder that contains such minor tasks as learning a new computer operating system well enough to teach it to others. The job I was hoping for has been shelved for a few months. I spent ungodly amounts of money yesterday registering Squish for preschool and buying kids’ clothes for fall and two pairs of glasses, one for me and one for Girl-child. (Oh, yeah. I also learned I need bifocals. I was hoping my vision issues were just because my arms were too short.) After wrangling a Squish through a consignment sale, two vision appointments, and a grocery trip, we went to the car to discover our tire was flat. Two more hours of Squish-wrangling and another large chunk of change, and I was feeling kind of sorry for myself.

I did have a delightful dinner with the most wonderful person. It was the bright spot of my day. But when I returned home after 9:30pm, I discovered my kid who has a 7 o’clock bedtime was still wide awake. Daddy had let him stay up for a bit in the hopes he would sleep in. When does he ever sleep in?

When the kid’s feet hit the floor at 7:15 this morning, I was ready to run for the trees.  But then.


It’s funny how a perspective can shift when looking into those blue eyes.

I bet I was the only one in the world who got to have breakfast with Captain America.


Squish is ever the problem-solver. He was ready to fix the tire with some duct tape. That’s my boy.


23 thoughts on “It’s All In How You Look At It

  1. You’ll like the bifocals, once they’re paid for and you get past the “I’m not drinking, why am I drunk? Oh, I’m just looking thru the wrong part” phase.

  2. Start out with progressive lenses. Then you never have to get used to them after you switch from bifocals. No one can tell that I have trifocals now. But they may mistake my nose in the air for snootiness…but I still have to move my head around to focus using the right portion of my glasses to read. If that makes any sense.

    Captain America! Very cute.

  3. I am with Ann on the lenses, go with progressive they are the best once you get use to them you will wonder how you ever did with out them.

    Captain America will like solve the worlds problem. No complaints from you, look at that face, how could you not want to wake to that? No matter the time

  4. A day without Squish is a day without sunshine! I was one of the lucky few parents who had a child who loved to sleep in. This was a special gift because I was a single parent & there was no one to switch off with.

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