How To Meet A Fellow Blogger In Real Life

A few weeks ago, I got the most exciting email from Emily at The Waiting. Maybe you know her. She’s been Freshly Pressed a time or three. Anyway, she said she was coming to my town and wondered if we could meet. Um, yeah! So exciting. I’ve never met up with a fellow blogger in person before. So many feelings! Would she like me? Would we find lots to talk about? Would she murder me with chopsticks and stuff me in the trunk of her car? Like being in high school all over again.

Anyway, the lead up was pretty eventful for me.

2 weeks out: Awaken in the middle of the night with the sudden notion that I am actually scheduled to work the night she is in town. It was just a dream, little champ. You work the week before. Go back to sleep.

Ten days out: Where to eat? In this mid-sized town, there are surprisingly few good, local eateries that are easy for a non-native to find. Do we go for small-chain Indian food, or the hipster sandwich joint?

One week out:  Awaken in the middle of the night and ponder what to wear. Something classy, of course. So, Cookie Monster T-shirt or Slytherin Quidditch? This is a question to be settled closer to the event, after consulting a star chart, the Psychic Friends network, and the dirty clothes hamper.

Two days out: Awaken in the middle of the night and remember that one reason I blog is because I am socially awkward and not so good with humans.

The Big Day: 

10am – I have a few hours. With artfully applied sunscreen and a bit of luck, I can even up this farmer’s tan.

11am – I’ve never posted a picture with my regular face before.How will Emily recognize me if I’m not doing this:

Or if I’m dressed as anyone other than Professor Trelawney?



The answer? MoonPies.

4:30 PM : The tire is flat. This is not good. It’s just flat on the bottom, though, the rest of it is still nice and round. Maybe it’s not the worst.

5:00 PM – Tire is going to take two hours to fix. There is no wi-fi here, and therefore no way to contact Emily to tell her I may be late.

5:05 PM – Minor melt-down in the Wal-mart automotive department. People snap a couple of pictures for the People of Wal-Mart website but otherwise just step over me and go on about their business.

6:00 PM – Car is rolled out of the bay. And around the store. And up the block. And I think possibly to the next town over.

6:15 PM – Keys are dumped on the counter and I pay for my two new tires. Because husband likes to buy them in twos. They’re best in twos. I try to use the same logic whenever I buy snakes, but he doesn’t fall for it.

6:45 PM – I’m on my way! I’m on my way! I’m on my way! The restaurant serves hipster with a side of pretension, which is great because I’m starving.

6:46 PM – Crap. I forgot to brush my teeth. Oh, well. I eat a pile of mints. I also forgot to brush my hair. I hope keys work okay in a pinch.

7:00 PM – Butterflies are apparently carniverous and are consuming me from the inside out. Will I be interesting enough? Will I find something to talk about besides the mating habits of Dwarf Malagasy tortoise species? Will I be in the right place? Will she recognize me? Is there toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe? Is my skirt tucked into my waistband? I’m not wearing a skirt. Why am I not wearing a skirt? I look like I’ve been sitting in a Wal-mart automotive department.

7:15 PM – There she is! I would recognize her anywhere! And she’s smiling. And not in the laughing-at-me-on-the-inside kind of way!

And it was great. We met, we talked, we ate, we talked. The food was good, the company even better. I’m happy to say that Emily is just as wonderful, open, gracious and witty as she is on her blog. It’s always wonderful when art imitates life. If you ever get a chance to meet her, I recommend it.

And if you’re in my neck of the woods, look me up. I’m relatively harmless, and I’ll bring Moonpies!

It was the best!

It was the best!

192 thoughts on “How To Meet A Fellow Blogger In Real Life

  1. Fun! I’d be really nervous about meeting a friend blogger in person too. I’m afraid that they’ll realize I’m not really a cartoon and I’ve been lying this whole time.

  2. I can’t believe how our lives are parallel. In about a week I’m going to meet two fellow bloggers as well! One is an ex-expat and the other an expat in HK. So looking forward to it like you did as well. It’s great we have this community on here.

  3. Meeting you was the absolute bestest of the best! I probably would have had a case of the butterflies as well if I hadn’t been so relieved to share a meal with someone who wasn’t going to throw her cup at my head.

  4. Ohhhhh YES – I love bloggy meet-ups! You two are adorable, and it sounds like you had a blast, despite the ‘rough road’ gettin’ there!

    P.S. – The Prof. Trelawney costume is AWESOME.

  5. Hehe, I love seeing the shirt you’re wearing after all the panic. 😀 Great photo, glad you guys got to meet!
    The idea of meeting fellow bloggers is always so exciting to me! It just seems like a lot of people do not visit California. 😛

  6. “Awaken in the middle of the night and remember that one reason I blog is because I am socially awkward and not so good with humans.”


    Whenever I read about bloggers meeting other bloggers I’m partly jealous that they got to meet and I never have, partly relieved that I don’t have to meet anyone, partly sad because I wonder if any internet people would even want to meet me, anxious that it might one day happen and I’ll make a fool out of myself…

    All the feels up in here.

    (…then I apparently start using phrases that I can’t pull off…)

  7. The only thing that ruined this post for me was my 10 year old cruising out of MY bathroom (he won’t use the one his brothers use (*sniff*)) to come say goodnight, and my having to quick-wipe the tears I just shed hee-hawing so hard over this post. I do believe you and Ms. Em both should head south sometime. We have a Wal-Mart automotive department down here, too (they think of everything at the beach). You are hilarious.

  8. Yay! So happy you two met up. I would be equally nervous if anyone were to come to Australia! Sounds like you had a blast. I am considering purchasing a reptile soon and you will be my first port for advice!

  9. I’d love to sit down and chat with you! Being an introvert, I would go through the same agony as well. But it would be worth it! Love the pics, I really do.

  10. When I travel, I never think of whether any other bloggers could be nearby. I need to start thinking this way. Sounds like a great time! Love the Trelawney pic too. That is just too good. Great post.

  11. Hysterical. Gonna store up that tire-is-only-flat-on-the-bottom line to use on someone who really doesn’t want to hear it in the future.

    And snakes are awesome. That’s why I call them schnekkies and pick them up in the wild to kiss them and ruin their immediate plans.

  12. I’ve never met a blogger in real life! It seems like it would be like meeting a unicorn. Or a celebrity: They eat with forks! They’re just like us!

  13. Thanks for sharing. This is a funny/sweet story. I’m far too afraid of “being hacked up to bits” to meet a fellow blogger (potential ax murderer). On the other hand, I meet followers (stalkers) from Twitter all the time. *shrugs* 😀

  14. Meeting a fellow blogger is kind “worse than a date”, the blogger usually knows a lot about you already and might have an idea of “Who you are”. So it’s more scary, all the things one go through in ones mind and last but not least “How do I great this person. With a hug? Handshake? How, what, why, can I do this?!?”

    Good to hear about your experience, usually they are themselves in every way 🙂

  15. I actually did this too! And he became my boyfriend! Weirdly enough, I posted about it yesterday! Haha!
    i do love your post-meet nerves!

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  17. Scary! I’ve only thought about meeting up with one blogger, but then common sense got the better of me and I didn’t ask.
    It is such an odd concept that someone would know so much about you before you meet! I have way too much of myself laid out in my blog. I only want strangers to know my innermost thoughts and feelings, not actual friends. 🙂

  18. I love a good moonpie! I have to say I felt like this exactly when I was meeting a penpal for the first time. TERRIFYING. SO glad you had nothing to worry about in the end. I’m new to wordpress but I love to see that fabulous connections are made. Maybe you and I will be one! Stop by Craplandia for a visit!

  19. It is amazing that we all dream of what the other person is like. I akin it to a plane ride. You get to know the person next to you on the plane. You exchange confidences but you know that you are safe because at the of the flight you separate and go your way. Maybe blogging is like that.

  20. What a fun telling of this event. I have had this happen (not the exact same thing) a number of times whenever I meet up with people at gaming conventions that I have gamed with for so long. You never know if you should dress up as a druid princess or ogre or some other character so they recognize you.

  21. I met a fellow blogger/forum member a while back. We actually live in the same general area so it wasn’t like there was a flight or long drive involved. We met up at a brewery, drank a pint or two and said “see ya later” but never did. It wasn’t an awkward meeting at all and we got along IRL about as much as we did in person.

  22. Great post:-) I’ve wondered about this actually, there are a few blogging friends I’d love to meet in person…you’ve made it seem like something that really could happen, and made me laugh in the process. Thank you:-)

  23. So cookie monster shirt then, huh? Like your classiness! Oh, and give me a shout when you are anywhere near the Cape Verde islands. I have never been freshly pressed but I know all the great hangouts around.

  24. ohh…so adorable….loved your post – the happiness, the anxiety, the nervousness, the big-step….just awesome….
    i wish to meet a few fellas too…i hope someday, i do.
    congratulations on finding a good friend and ofcourse for being freshly pressed.

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  26. Heather, This one of Emily’s extra mothers, writing to say I am so glad you had a chance to meet my sweet girl. She is a fountain of kindness, encouragement, and hilarity. Now that you have met her you will know that next time she can just eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in your backyard. I too hope to one day meet another blogger. Maybe it will even be you! Just don’t bring a snake!

  27. Loved this. I met up with a fellow blogger last fall when I visited her hometown, in Minneapolis (I’m in NY.) Not sure who was more nervous! We had a terrific time and it was really fun to share stories face to face. I met a Scottish blogger when she came to NY and I look forward to finally meeting three more when I get to England. Emailing privately is a good way to get to know one another a bit before a face to face meeting.

  28. Ha Ha !! Lol ! Lovely post…………..I have never met a fellow blogger yet but in assume noe it would be great ! Loved the faces you made lol they are funny and cute at the same time !

  29. Thank you for the excellent play-by-play! Having a husband who golfs and loves to regale me with the glories of each hole, this is not a complement I would ever use lightly lol. It’s so inspiring to ride along with you as you lived the dream of meeting a blogger in real-time. There are so many things about what we do that only kindred poster can understand.

    When I tell the hubby “OOoooo I got 10 likes on my post today (best case scenario 😉 )” he gives me the same glazed smile n’ nod that I give him when he tells me about the break of the green when he made a 12 footer for par on the 14th hole… I’m glazing over just typing about it…

  30. very funny! i can relate to the whole meeting someone for the first time… kind of odd even saying it that way when you have already met (at least in a way you have) so it’s a bit nerve wrecking. glad to hear it was a great first meet. congrats on FP! it’s well deserved. 🙂

  31. I just moved over to WordPress from Blogger for the same reason. And I saw a totally unexpected meeting between bloggers happen at my table at a conference this May: “Wait, you’re… I know you!”

  32. Love your writing!!! I was right there at Wal-Mart, trying to get you on the road, as I read. Keep up the good blogs.

  33. I’ll admit I freaked out when someone nearby started to follow me & suggested a meeting. I had been blogging a whopping month & it was a boy! I cooled that off quickly. He figured it out when I made repetitive comments about my husband. I’m a pretty private person & enjoy the anonymity of blogging, although there are a handful of my community that I would love to meet, mostly because I like to follow peeps from different countries.
    I almost spit my food out reading about the ‘peeps snap pix to post on peeps of W, but mostly just STEP OVER ME!!!’ HAHA!!! OMG, there I go again…
    Congrats on getting pressed!!!

  34. Whoa!!! I have been blogging barely a month and almost wet myself when I get a new follower or a response. How come you have so many responses? How do people get so many followers? I must be doing something wrong. I don’t think for one minute my blogs are uninteresting, in fact I have had some lovely comments, but how do I spread the word? Perhaps you, or your millions of followers, could advise. Don’t leave me floating around in blog land alone!!!!! Help!

    • One of the most helpful things I did was to use the global tags to find blogs who were posting under the same categories I was. I visited lots and lots of them. If I really liked a post or felt a connection, I left a comment, which opened doors to building a community. Some posts will always get more comments than others. Stick with it. I’ve been at it for two years now, so I’ve had more time to build a community.

      • Thank you for your reply. It was very much appreciated. Hey, this blogging is big business and huge. I am so pleased to be in it now as I meet so many warm and genuine people. Take care. I am just going to bed here in England and always look forward to the morning to see if I have more comments or followers. Have a great day and thanks again.

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