I Needed Some Good News

I needed a win this week. I’m in a bit of a rough patch.

Rewrites are not going well at all. I’m experiencing a love-hate relationship with my novel. I vacillate between thinking this book might be my big break and feeling like I should scrap the whole thing before I embarrass myself at the beta-read stage. Stuff is not so great at work, either. Two of the computers I worked so hard to get set up are dead, less than three weeks after setting them up. They’re still under warranty, of course, but it means that I have to devote some of my precious writing time to getting them exchanged. And now my wedding ring is missing. I needed a win, and I got a big one.

You might think my big win came from the reptile department. Six new Eastern Box Turtles hatched this week.


No post is complete without a bellybutton shot.

No post is complete without a bellybutton shot. If those little splayed toes don’t get you, you need to see the wizard for a heart.

This is good news, indeed. But it wasn’t my great news.There was something even better.

And then there was this:

Is it wrong that I'm a little disappointed? I was hoping for books.

Yes. there is this. Not a book, to be sure, but it’s a start.


Which is good news because it proves Rowling hasn’t gotten HP out of her system yet. But there’s something even better. I know. I hear you asking me “But Heather, what could be better than a movie about the magical world you love so much, especially since Rowling is writing the screenplay herself?” I also heard you call me a dweeb under your breath. Don’t think I didn’t. I’ll ignore that part and answer your question. What could be better? This:

Better than a new HP movie!

Better than a new HP movie!


Also better than a new HP movie

Also better than a new HP movie

It is now official. In a month, I get the incredible opportunity to have a giant sleepover weekend with sj and Amy! I am not sure I can handle all the awesome. I feel like the universe has given me a gift.Two of my favorite people. In the same place. At the same time.

Thanks, Universe! I needed this!


54 thoughts on “I Needed Some Good News

  1. Sleepovers are the best! Have so much fun! And seriously, how are you around all those baby turtles all the time and not just melt into a puddle of warm goo? SO cute! And good luck with the book…hang in there. I’ve been working on a children’s book for three years (dude, it’s only 32 pages…what is taking me so long?) and it does a once over on your emotions and stuff.

  2. First of all, this is my first time at your blog, but now I’m following you, because you tagged the words belly button in your post. LOL!!

    Second, I never knew turtles had belly buttons, but I kinda want to kiss it.

    Third, I love when I pick up my cats and their toes are splayed, so obviously turtle splayed toes are way more hiarious.

    Fourth I am as excited as you for the new HP addition. JK Rowling is pimp.

  3. Yes, t’was good news about the Harry Potter spin-off! I’m not nearly as big a GEEK as you are, and I was happy to read this news as well, so don’t rain on your own parade – cuz the quasi Geeks were celebrating this factoid as well!

    I had no idea that tortoise’s had belly buttons, but…sorry…thought it was kind of icky…can’t help it. Guess I’m just a girlie girl in that respect! Hope you find your wedding ring soon!

  4. I bet you will have a great time!

    So do you think the frustration with rewriting is over thinking? I find that I do that at times I will write something and then edit and over think and make too many changes that really weren’t necessary.

  5. OH, Good for you,a sleep over with your buddies, pack some really bright and pretty jammies! But where is your wedding ring? Often when i am gardening I imagine I might find a ring some old forgotton woman lost in her garden.. still haven’t of course. But i am so convinced this will happen that i am always looking. Ok i am weird.. or a magpie one or the other.. love the turtles! c

  6. BC: I can’t believe the trouble you’ve gotten yourself in while I’ve stepped away to do my own rewrites which are kicking my butt as well (it must be the season). So glad you get to meet up with some blog friends which will really encourage you, I’m sure. As to that belly button. . .yikes! 🙂

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