Captain’s Log: Day 10

Captain’s Log

September 26: Internet mysteriously disappeared this evening. I can’t get the computer online at all. Coincidentally, our neighbors moved out this afternoon.  We’ll miss them.

September 27: Internet still down. We’re not one of those families who are so tied to their computers that they can’t live without it. We’re made of sterner stuff than that. Only spent an hour trying to connect to the internet. The rest of the time we played games. Our favorite was “What would you look up on the internet if you could?”

September 28: Made a completely impulsive and unplanned visit to Chic-fil-a. Since we were going anyway, I took along the laptop. Seems foolish not to avail myself of the wi-fi since the cost is built into the price of the milkshake, anyway. Interesting how the kids don’t have a word to say to me all week, but as soon as the laptop is booted up, they can’t stop talking to me. And watching me. And trying to push me out of the way.

September 29: Chic-fil-a is closed. It’s the Lord’s day, so it seems reasonable to take a day of from the internet. Go to library instead. What do you know? Free computers!

September 30: The Padawan has been without Minecraft for so long that he is now punching actual trees. He is vaguely surprised that no craft tables appear – only splinters.

October 1: I wonder if the neighbors’ departure has something to do with our loss of internet. Maybe this means I have to get in touch with a cable company to have our own installed. Ironically, the only way to find their contact information is via internet. I take up basket weaving.

October 2: Without the interwebs to distract me,I am reading at a rate of a book a day. But I cannot get online to catalog and brag about my accomplishment.  What is the point?

October 3: Focusing more of my time on rewrites. It’s rather like spending time with an ex and wondering what you ever saw in them in the first place. This is normal, right? I think 20% is good, and maybe another 35% salvageable. No way I’m finishing this thing and getting beta readers by January.

October 4: Still no consistent internet. My Bitty Pet has starved to death. I might as well go to work.

October 6: Haul laptop to Starbucks. Strictly business, of course. I need to plan out my trip this weekend to see sj and Amy and do a blog post so that my readers don’t think I have died. Although I’m pretty sure I need them more than they need me. Husband is pressuring me to get finished and leave, but I am WORKING. Bitty Pet has not, in fact, starved to death, but the little blighter betrays me with a poorly-timed *ding* Husband says it’s time to go.

Tomorrow was supposed to be my day to write, but it turns out one kid has a checkup. It will likely take up the majority of my free time. Oh, well. It cannot be helped. I wonder if the doctor’s office has wi-fi…


45 thoughts on “Captain’s Log: Day 10

  1. Thank goodness I work at the library with free computers at my fingertips. As I think about your post, I realize the internet has become far too important to me. How do you pay your bills?

  2. Very funny! But how can you concentrate in all these various settings? My own family drives me nuts; I can’t even imagine what customers in Starbucks or patients in the doctor’s offices would do to me. But a fun read it is. 🙂

  3. Sept. 27 and Sept. 30 — Bahahaha!!
    My younger brother actually had a similar experience years ago. He was around 7 or 8-yrs-old, and he’d seen this superamazing water shooter on TV and these kids were running around and freezing each other like they had Fro-Zone’s (from The Incredibles) freeze powers. Or something.
    The next time we went to some big store with a toy aisle, Brother successfully campaigned for his right to possess said freezing-water-shooter (it was pretty impressive-looking, I’ll admit), and upon returning home immediately went outside to try it.

    It took one tree not freezing when sprayed to disillusion him.

      • Heh heh, I think he’s recovered pretty well from the experience. I was let down by the Hawaiian Barbie I got when I was 7 or 8, whose box did not include the awesome Hawaiian punch maker thing that the commercial showed. But the Barbie herself was cool, so that was ok, I guess *pout*

  4. LOL wondered what happened. No wifi or cable at the cabin. True back to nature stuff. Until I got a phone with 3G. Of course if I am lucky I have 2 bars, usually it is one. With one bar you can really only see facebook. Hope my “friends” do some interesting things the rest of this week. 😉

  5. Just a few more days!!!!!!

    Why did this just show up in my RSS reader today when it was clearly from yesterday? I think there’s a government conspiracy at work. This is disturbing.

  6. Calling Cliche, darlink, darlink, come in! Cliche! I have three tiny abandoned kittens, eyes barely opening (now that i cleaned all the gunk off!) You are the zoo girl. I need your advice. One is very cold, the whole body not just the ears, the rest are restless, I am eyedrop feeding watered down warm milk. Just tiny drops. Question: can I add a little egg? I would for a lamb but this is obviously not a lamb. Bugger that internet! c

    • It hasn’t been too bad, actually, except for the fact that I have a sick kid and need to email lesson plans and contact a ton of people. But it looks like I’m grounded at home this week with Squish. After a week of no outside contact, I may go right over the edge!

  7. I live in a remote island nation and, like water and electricity, the internet fails at times. I always have a list of things that I want to look up online once it comes back up again. You get used to it.

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