The Secret Agenda

I’m here! I’m safely at sj’s house hanging with her and Amy. Well, not technically hanging at the moment. They think I’m in the bathroom. I’m not. I have a secret agenda. Shhh! Don’t tell them. They will know soon enough. Our time together is very important and must be well-spent. During the weekend we must:

Spend at least 4 hours talking about the debacle that is Goodreads

Convince sj of the superiority of French roast coffee.

Watch two episodes of Dr. Who (which will effectively triple the number of episodes I have seen in my life.

Spend six hours talking about SuperPoke! Pets (We’ve almost covered this one. Sorry, Amy!)

Consume at least two MoonPies. There has to be a store where we can score another box or six.

Discuss at least 5 Jasper Fforde novels.

Revisit the topic of French Roast. Yes, it’s that important.

Live-tweet the Amazing Race. I look forward to seeing what is so amazing.

Okay, That’s all for now. They are threatening to come in after me. You’ll keep the secret, right?



15 thoughts on “The Secret Agenda

  1. You goofball! You were TRICKING us!!!! You are VERY good at this. If I wasn’t so tired, I’d blog tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Zzzzzz….

    (I love that you’re here. This is the best, right? Totally the best.)

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  3. That’s funny because I was just at Walgreen’s the other day and saw they had Moon Pies near the register and I thought, “People still eat Moon Pies?”

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