Take That, Pinterest!

You may remember that I’m not on Pinterest. I have my reasons, and the rest of civilized society has theirs for not wanting me there. I’m about to give you another one.

Recently, I flew the friendly skies. “Friendly” is a bit of a stretch; more like a-little-TOO-friendly-and-with-very-poor-personal-boundaries skies. Other than a quick pat-down and an agent freak-out over the rice sock I brought to soothe my sore knee, my travels were uneventful. I even managed to fit a souvenir for the kids into my carry-on.

Imagine their delight when they were each presented with their very own airsickness bag. The Padawan was so overcome with emotion that he had to leave the room. Or maybe he went to play the Wii. He was gone for a long time. I’m pretty sure it was emotion, though.

Motion discomfort bags (or as Squish calls them, “barf bags”) are the perfect gift for any child, prompting hours of dramatic play. Squish walked around all afternoon pretending to throw up in his. Think of how well-prepared he will be for a life of travel, and as an added bonus, when he moves to the top bunk, I can just hand him a bag and he’ll already have his aim down pat. Or he could learn to pack his own lunch. Barf bags are waxed on the inside to prevent spillage. So many possibilities in one small bag.

Our favorite use, though, is for craft time. There’s something for everyone. Look what one small motion-discomfort bag can do for you and your family.  Click to embiggenate.

How do you put a price on creativity?

Airline ticket: $400

Barf bag: free

Quality time with family: $400 + $100 food costs + $20 gas to airport + $36 long-term parking

40 thoughts on “Take That, Pinterest!

  1. “Motion Discomfort Bag” seems like an inconvenient name. If you really need one, you don’t have time to say all that, much less get that it’s a euphemism if someone else says it. Ironically, there’s time to say “mop,” which you may end up needing instead.

  2. I love it! It’s always the simple things that keep kids happy. My cousin gave her kids a box of band aids for a 5-hour car ride once. I think they provided 4 hours of entertainment.

  3. I need them for their intended purpose while flying about 25% of the time. I panic if I check my seat pocket and there isn’t one there. Ugh, air travel. Uuuuuuuht!

    I had a friend whose mom always packed her lunch in a biohazard bag 😀

  4. What fun! Those bags make excellent lunch bags. They’re lined! My mom used to collect them. Enjoy them while you can – eventually the airlines here will tell you to bring your own.

  5. My teenager brought home a barf bag as a souvenir of her stay in the hospital this summer. Unfortunately, we joke, her senior trip was to the ER… but the big blue barf bag seems to have made up for the absence of white sand or sunny skies! Cute post

  6. I didn’t know barf bags were so multipurpose! As far as entertainment factor goes, your lunch bag idea beats my habit of making discreet holes in the bottom of those bags and imagining the dire consequences. Next time I fly, I’ll bring the crayons and opt for something a bit more…constructive. 😉

  7. Squish!! That was my nickname in grade school, you just gave me a great idea for my next blog, the story of how I got my nickname 🙂 Your kids are adorable, and you’re very clever coming up with the idea of decorating barf bags, very funny.

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  9. I have a tradition since 1992 – whenever I fly out to China I always write one barf bag letter to a friend and enclose my boarding pass stub. And since Eva Airlines (my carrier of choice) started using Hello Kitty airplanes, the barf bags have become collector’s items. I will keep you in mind for a future flight, if I find myself on a Hello Kitty flight, Heather.

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