Send Help!

No, I’m not dead. I’ve just been busy. And right now I have to type really fast because I’m writing from my mom’s hospital room, and their internet policy is no personal websites. Although Facebook and Twitter are okay? I don’t know. Medicine doesn’t make much sense to me in general.

Remember when I went hiking a few weeks ago? It was an eleven mile adventure, and it was fabulous. Unfortunately, I slipped a couple of times and did a little damage to my knee. One slip sent me tumbling onto my back, holding onto the cable embedded in the rock for dear life. Actually, probably literally for dear life, or at the very least dear not-broken-into-a-thousand-pieces. I hurt my knee, but it was cool.

I had my hiking poles, so I managed to drag my sad, sorry carcass off the mountain complete the hike. I was a little sore the next day, but nothing unexpected. The muscles were tight, but I stretched them out. No biggie.

Of course, a couple of days later, I noticed that I could no longer go down hills without my knee locking up. Or stairs. Or get out of bed. It hurt a little. I just kept a little heat on it via my rice sock, and I stayed limber enough to keep from screaming every time I stood up get around okay.

Turns out, my threshold of stubborn is about two weeks. On day thirteen of the countdown, I was sitting on a high stool in a local restaurant getting a little wi-fi and breakfast. When I tried to get down, I nearly dropped the “f” bomb in the middle of Chic-Fil-A had a little more trouble than expected. I decided at that moment that if I could ever bend my leg again, I would head to the doctor’s office immediately. Considering that my only other option was to stay on that stool for the rest of my natural life, I limped my way to my car to get it checked out.

It turns out there’s nothing too serious. I strained my lateral/collateral ligament. A few weeks of rest should get me on the road to recovery. Rest. Wait. I think I know that word. It involves walking my son to school every day and standing up in front of a class and teaching, doesn’t it? No, wait. It doesn’t.

My activities have been sharply curtailed, so I’ve thrown myself headlong into my NaNoWriMo project, and I’m having the time of my life. My book this go-round can best be summed up as a splash of personal narrative that has spent time in a hyperbolic chamber. It’s not a memoir. I’m not sure there’s a verifiable fact in the whole thing, but it has been great fun putting a creative spin on some memories. Wait. There is one fact. I did use my real name, and my sister’s. I’ll post a little excerpt here sometime, maybe.

I knew I had more words to say than just 50K this time, so I set my goal for 80K for the month. I turned out a 50K project last year in only 12 days, so I thought I could make it to 80 in a month. Leg propped up in bed, I made it to 80K this afternoon.

Hello, my name is Heather, and I’m a bar graph addict. On my page, it shows me a little graph with a bar that indicates how close I’m getting to my next goal. The goals are set in increments of 20K, and I am completely addicted to seeing my little word count bar climbing. Someone needs to stage an intervention. I’m not sure my kids have seen me for three days, and the only one who still loves me is my cat. Because I’m her heat source.

Someone send help.

Anyone else doing NaNo this month? How’s it going? It’s the most fun I have all year, and I think I’m going to do it again in January!


27 thoughts on “Send Help!

  1. I’ve been drinking Guinness, dreaming, and trying to work up a plot, well i have the plot, but i’m like an old car, need the push as they say, your blog beside your mothers bed, should be enough to get me off my ass, i think i’m on fire now, thanks for you pushy words, your good, i’m going for a Guinness right after i finish the blog, thanks!

  2. Sorry to hear about the knee, but it’s great you’re doing NaNoWriMo. Story sounds fun. My favorite line here is the one about your threshold for stubborn being about 2 weeks. That’s a hoot!

    Hope your mom is okay.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  3. I hope your mom is okay, and that your knee is okay. And “their internet policy is no personal websites”? Maybe they’re trying to keep their bandwidth use down or something, but that’s pretty arbitrary. YouTube isn’t a personal website.

  4. Good luck with your and your mom’s recoveries. 🙂

    As for me, my yearly NaNoWriMo project is just to make sure I’m doing some sort of Creative Writing work every day in the month and then posting it on my FB author page to keep myself honest. Baby steps, but unless I quit teaching or the NaNo moves to June or July, that’s what I’ve got.

  5. There’s nothing like health issues to make you write.

    I stupidly started NaNo this month at the last minute, with no ideas at all, determined to force myself to write. I learned that I hate writing crap…

  6. Last year it seemed like everyone was doing NaNo (or whatever it is called :)). This year, you are the first one I have heard mention it. Glad you met your goal. Sorry about your knee. Get it fixed up now because if you don’t it will only flare up when you are older, (take it from me :)).

  7. I’m slightly jealous of your injured-writing time, because I’m pretty sure I’ve had an injured knee for like five or six years and all my doctors keep saying there’s nothing wrong. No bedrest for me! 😛 Congrats on making your goal 🙂 I am very impressed.

  8. Heather, hope your knee gets better soon. BTW, I’ve tracked down a Hello Kitty barf bag for you and the next time you feel a bout of cursing coming on, you can scream them into the bag, and maybe they’ll get translated into pink giggles and happy flowers…I’ll get your address and send it to you when I get back to the States next month. Happy recovery!

  9. So glad you’re writing is going well! I messed my knee up a few years ago with an at-home stair stepper I had and it was awful (the only time I’ve allowed myself to use the escalator at the train station because stairs were impossible). The moral of the story was – never use a cheap stairstepper, but I also use this as my excuse to not use any stairstepper. Because stairs suck. Anyway, I hope you recover quickly and I’m glad you have sometime good to occupy yourself with!

  10. Sorry about the knee… big fat bummer! That said, way to go with NNWM!! I did my 54,000 in 2 wks last year, but opted out this year… too much going on (see how long it takes me to get to reading blog posts!) and not enough time to spread any thinner. But, so excited (and a wee bit jealous) of your super Nano success! Mazel!

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