What’s In It For Me?: Thoughts From a NaNoWriMo Veteran

Dying for a follow up on my NaNo experience? I knew you were.


5 thoughts on “What’s In It For Me?: Thoughts From a NaNoWriMo Veteran

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  2. The thing that has always puzzled me about NaNoWriMo is the seeming obsession about word counts. I am not a writer. I write what I want, or in the case of my work, what I need to write in the number of words it takes to “get ‘er done”. Sometimes I need a lot of words and sometimes I need a few words. Wouldn’t it be more effective to set goals in terms of chapters or plot lines? Just curious.

    • I think the magic behind the word count is that 50K is considered a full-length novel. The book by the founder lists several famous novels of that length, so it’s a very concrete goal to aim for that can be measured out in graphs and validated at the end.

      In my current project, word count means nothing at all. Each time I sit down, I think in terms of the scenes I want to accomplish rather than words because this book is much, much more difficult to write. I will never have a 10K day on this one because it would all just be garbage, whereas the last one was a light and airy project that just flowed, so 10K was always within the realm of possibility.

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