Christmas Wishes

Christmas magic makes wishes come true.

I wished for some pillows. Husband and I like to prop up in bed to read, write, study. We each have a propping pillow,  giant, king-sized cuddly monsters that make life so cozy. When I was away for the weekend, husband discovered that two pillows are better than one. He was right. And life became a competition to see who could hit the hay first. The first one in bed got them both. You snooze, you lose, right? In order to maintain marital harmony, I wished for pillows, and I got them.

They are glorious. A new one for each of us. Now we both have two. Of course, when my husband went away for the weekend, I discovered the ideal number of propping pillows is four. Don’t tell him. He’ll find out soon enough.

And do you know what big pillows arrive in? Big boxes!


But the best Christmas wish?


My girl. She turned 18 back in June.

I wished that Piper would still be with me at Christmas. We had a scare at Halloween, and I wasn’t sure she would make it, but she did. We celebrated our 19th Christmas with her this year.

There’s a thing about wishes, though. Sometimes you get what you ask for and no more. I did it all wrong. I should have asked for another birthday, another Valentine’s, another Spring. We let her go on New Year’s Eve.

Logically, we’ve known the time was coming to say goodbye. No one lives forever; even that ninth life will run its course. But the heart isn’t logical. It felt like she’d always be here. I couldn’t imagine life without her. couldn’t picture a day when she wouldn’t be here laying on my feet while I wrote. I’ve lost my muse.

I want a do-over on my wish. I’d do it better this time.


26 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes

  1. You had Christmas together at least. How deeply sad to see her go but that is a special number of years you shared. Such a gorgeous girl. Any more than four pillows and you’l fall flat on your face.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Piper. I know how tough that is. We had to put my dog down a month before her 18th birthday. I’m glad you got to spend Christmas with her though and I hope that you eventually find another cold nose to warm your heart!

    • I have been saying for a long time that when these cats are gone, I will not have anymore. But then I told my husband yesterday that when I bring home a little waif, he’s going to have to look the other way. The heart wants what it wants, and this heart wants a velcro-cat to sit on my feet.

  3. My Siamese Mimi made it to 19 and died quietly on my bed one day. Always missed and loved. She had a good long wonderful life as i’m sure yours did too.

  4. Condolences about Piper. You have lost a family member, and that is so hard to face. Please forget the “I should have…” syndrome. Animals know when their time here is over and they accept that. A wonderful pet psychic that I have consulted in the past says that the animal spirits are still visiting us. When you’re propped up by your two..or four..pillows, Piper will be there.

  5. I was all happy about the pillows and now… So very sorry for the loss of your dear girl. She was so lovely, and I enjoyed reading about her. 19 years is amazing, but then I always wonder… why not 25, or 40 or… I still miss our beloved Callie, who died at 15, three years ago. They are part of our family, and while I get it, I don’t understand why we must have them such a short time. Hugs. I know that hurt.

  6. I’m so, so sorry. Losing a pet on the holidays is tough. I’m glad you had one last Christmas with her…and I’m sure if a Velcro kitten comes home with you, no one would mind at all. Sending many hugs.

    Aw, Squish in the Box! That is a VERY comfy cozy box!

  7. Oh I know how you feel. I have two cats. My favourite cat was run over when I lived in England. He was beautiful. I cried more than I ever cried over any ex-boyfriend I can tell you. My hubby is a vet. I asked him about the lifespan of cats – he thinks she lived to a very respectable age and you must have taken very good care of her. Big Hugs :0)

  8. Oh, I know how you feel about Piper. I had a cat named Tashi for 17 years, and I still miss her. She’s been gone for nearly a decade.

    Sorry to have been absent since Christmas. Sara and I had guests from the US and then did some traveling around our new country–sometimes without internet. Trying now to get back into the swing of things.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

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