Morning Commute

I left for work early yesterday because sometimes the traffic is unpredictable. Yesterday was one of those times.

I got to the main road, and traffic was backed up bumper-to-bumper as far as the eye could see. I knew something was up. Sure enough, I saw a sign.

*Sigh* But it's okay. I needed to be in that lane, anyway.

*Sigh* But it’s okay. I needed to be in that lane, anyway.

So I, along with many other cars, patiently merged into the left lane. Because we’re obedient like that. A tenth of a mile later, we saw another sign.

You have GOT to be kidding me.

You have GOT to be kidding me.

Fine. Whatever. We all merged back into the right lane. Because that’s what you do when the sign tells you to. I drove another 1/10 of a mile and saw this:

For those who can't read my line-drawings, let me interpret. "Dear Bozo who has now changed lanes twice, time to get back where you started from. Love, Public Works."

For those who can’t read my line-drawings, let me interpret. “Dear Bozo who has now changed lanes twice, time to get back where you started from. Love, Public Works.”

Yep. Right lane closed. So I changed lanes. For the third time in 3/10 of a mile. Now, I don’t blame Public Works. At 7am on a frosty polar vortex January morning, I’m not sure I would know my left from my right. But I do know one thing. Next time, I’ll be looking for this sign before I pull a lane change:

I saw the sign


27 thoughts on “Morning Commute

  1. I like it when the have the big elaborate road sign truck telling you to move in the lane to the left….which is the median on the interstate. Even better when there are cops and other trucks around. them. Nobody thought to say “hey, it’s your other left?”

  2. This reminds me of a time I drove with a friend from California down to Mexico, past Tijuana. It was a one-lane freeway on either side and first there was an arrow on the road pointing in the direction we were going. Good, we’re on the right track. Then, there was another arrow in the other lane pointing towards us, meaning it’s both directions. OK, no problem. THEN, it became TWO arrows, one in each lane, both pointing TOWARDS US. Before we had time to react to that, we saw a sign on the side of the road that meant DIP, and within a millisecond we were on a roller coaster ride of a dip.

  3. It looks they were just making sure that you were all awake and alert before arriving to work. Makes a person wonder if they had cameras up, so they could watch the show.

  4. Sometime you have to go left to right. Lol. I can identify as well as sympathize with your disdain for road construction. I’ve commuted for 11+ years now. Two years ago I seen a construction roadside erected that stated blah blah construction – ending Fall of 2015. Imagine the joy that information brought and continues to bring every day I pass it. Ugh.

  5. I wonder if it was a test. If you didn’t move over, you failed! And had to go back to go! And did NOT collect $200! Or at least had to go back to the beginning of traffic and start all over again.

    You’re all very pleasant there. Here in New York, I swear that kind of signage would have started a road rage incident culminating in someone getting brained with a tire iron.

  6. It says a lot about your goodness and patience as a person that you posted this in “humor” instead of “why I took an AK-47 to the entire Dept Of Public Works this morning, and why nobody would blame me”. If, you know, that was a normal WordPress tag.

  7. I applaud the fact that you actually OBEY the signs posted instead of assuming that you can be one of those douchebags who stay in the right lane, speeding past all of the patiently waiting saps in the left lane – all the way up to the end – and THEN want to merge – getting upset when others don’t want to let them in. The only thing worse is to be in the left lane and then allow the douchebag to merge in front of you (and by proxy, the 100 people who have been patiently waiting behind you).

  8. LOL now see if you lived in Michigan, you would know that you wait until the last possible moment to make that lane change because more often than not, the signs are wrong. I was driving to work the other day by a different route. The sign said “Road Work Ahead” then the next showed the right lane was closed. Odd I thought. It is winter and a terrible one at that. What kind of work could they possibly doing now? Water main break? Gigantic car eating pot hole? No. None of that. They must have forgotten to take away the signs in the Fall…no road work at all. Typical.

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